Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Yesterday's Rescue - (Better Late Than Never)

I haven't started to breathe again since I posted an emergency plea for the brothers. So I'm taking a deep breath now and wanted to share about the rescue I made yesterday:

The shelter was horribly hot yesterday. It wasn't fit for humans to work there, and it was most certainly oven-like in metal cages for the cats. Some were panting with their little noses through the bars of the cages. I couldn't help but wonder who would finish their water early through the night and be thirsty. Why do I torture myself so much?

Rescued yesterday:
This hunk-a-burnin' love - "Elvis"

"Snooze" was anything but his name - I've never heard such a baby crying in his carrier all the way to his foster home! He's now hanging out with Elvis!

How cute are these little love muffins? They spent the afternoon with me.

I brought this beauty to the vet to be spayed - turns out she was already pregnant.

I hate it when they look so sad! But she's safe now!

The next little girl is "Tana". She had been at the shelter in a microwave oven size cage since the beginning of April. She was only still alive because someone thought she was so special. Like many people, I passed up Tana a million times at the shelter:

But yesterday, I saw her panting in her cage with the look that made me realize she had given up hope. So I started singing my little silly rescue song..."Today's your rescue day, Tana!" She knew. I brought her home with me for the afternoon until her foster Mom could take her in the evening. I turned up the Central Air Conditioning in the house to "Brrrr" and opened a can of Fancy Feast Grilled Tuna:

She was Queen of My House for the afternoon. I'm glad she went to a different foster home. I fell in love with that little black sweet thing. :)

With each picture I posted, I started feeling better. I haven't given up on the brothers. It's 5:30 pm and the shelter doesn't close until 7 pm.

Dinner is going to be late tonight.


Concerned Kitty said...

Oh my god Beth! That picture of Tana is priceless. I think that all of us were anxious to know if she was safe and now that she is, it's the brothers turn. I have a good feeling that someone out there will come forward and help them tonight.

Concerned Kitty

Cat said...

Such beautiful cats rescued yesterday. I love the picture of Tana at your house, she looks so sleek and happy :-)

My heart aches to think of all those hot cats at the shelter. Unfortunately I don't have any more fans now that we have central A/C.

Along with everyone else I'm hoping for good news about the brothers!

Caroline said...

thanks for the happy post about the lucky seven Beth! Some ppl would buy new shoes, a ferrari and a mansion if they won the lotto, I'd buy a farm for the foster cats, and the pony! I'd also take over the AC contract for that horrible place that starts with an H. I still am hoping that the brothers make it out, I think the orange and white one should be "Morris",the tabby called "Simba", the unneutered tabby "Studly" and the black and white with the freaky eyes, "Devil Boy"! Would the shelter staff be willing to plug in fans for the cats if they were donated??

Brian said...

Such beauties, thanks for all you do!!!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Such sweet kitties.

And we read on the CB that a foster home has been found for all the brothers. Yeah!!!!

Kea said...

Bless you (and I mean universal blessings) for getting them out! Just saw on the Cat Blogosphere that the 2 pairs of brothers have found foster homes? Waiting for more info on this!!!!