Thursday, July 29, 2010

Guilty As Charged

Yesterday's post has inspired me to write about "guilt" today. I've spent the majority of the day fretting and worrying about Owen - probably needlessly. He looked so cute and totally innocent in the car on the drive to his new foster home. His new foster Mom was delightful and Owen seemed quite happy.

Fortunately for Owen, there was another rowdy guy that needed a new foster home so they made the trek together. I had to laugh when I met with the other foster Mom. We both looked so guilt stricken standing in that parking lot, you'd think we had killed somebody. It was nice to know that I wasn't alone.

One of my blog readers has been contacting me from time to time about her semi-feral cat with an incurable, painful disease. She finally decided it was time to say goodbye to her girl, but was riddled with guilt that she had let it go on "too long". Then she felt guilty that she was relieved that she didn't have to worry any longer about the condition of the cat.

Why do we put ourselves through all this guilt? Here's a woman that has loved a cat unconditionally whom she could never touch, and still felt guilty when it was time to humanely say goodbye.

Sometimes I get tired of all this guilt that I bring on myself. I go into the shelter and feel overwhelming guilt that I'm leaving some to die. Am I not doing enough for the cats? For my kids? For my husband?

It's a wonder some of us can even get out of bed in the morning with all the emotional crap we lug around on our shoulders.

Yet there are others that can leave pets at the shelter because they're moving, having a baby, boyfriend/girlfriend is allergic, blah, blah, blah...(or more recently) at my veterinarian's office a couple came in to put down their dog of 8 years because he had an ear infection and they didn't like the smell. (The vet took the dog home with him)

When I started this blog post, I thought it would be fun to declare some sort of "guilt-free" day tomorrow. But I'm already feeling guilty about the Dairy Queen Reese Blizzard I hoped to get tomorrow evening. Of course, I feel guilty that I haven't helped this really cute calico kitten at the shelter:

Just for tomorrow, I'm going to live without feeling guilty about the cats in the shelter. Sounds like Xanadu, eh? Who am I kidding....


Caroline said...

I think we need a support group cause I can't sleep anymore knowing what's going on in that god forsaken animal control. A cat mom and her babies are no longer listed and I know our group didn't rescue her, also missing is the little 4wk old orange guy, the least they could do is ask the SPCA who shares the building to do an adoptathon! What are these ppl being paid for??

A Cat's Tale said...

>a couple came in to put down their dog of 8 years because he had an ear infection and they didn't like the smell.<

Wow, how disposable. No let's heal this poor dog that's given his best years to us.. no, let's just toss his life away as cold hearted as one would toss away a used Kleenex.

And here I sit feeling ever so guilty about yesterday morning. I tried to catch the feral mom that's currently in a room downstairs to take her to the vet for a spay/TNR. I was unable to catch her in time, but she's so upset she's still not eating or moving around much. I feel guilty because her babies are in two large cages in the same room. Caged so I can socalize them. Guilty that I know she goes over to them to visit them and I know soon she will be released back to the yard she came from leaving her babies behind. Guilty because even though the kittens have enough room in the cage to play, I know they'd rather be running around in the same room as their mom.

I feel your guilt.


HomeToMany said...

It is because people with a conscious can't help to feel guilt. We have that, those people that dump their pets don't. They probably have nothing but rocks between their ears.
Beth, your support, assistance and advice have been so helpful in so many ways, I was so happy I had you to run things by. My little girl is at the Rainbow Bridge playing with all the lost souls you see everyday... and I can't feel guilty about that!

Cat said...

Hi Beth, I wonder if the fact that we are riddled with guilt makes up for so many who feel nothing at all? Unfortunately, probably not. So try your hardest for a guilt free day tomorrow, you deserve if!

Anonymous said...

If anyone ever deserved a Reese's Dairy Queen Blizzard yesterday it had to be you. Enjoy!

Brooke said...

Something I wonder from reading your blog--why does the shelter even use the word "Sleep?" What a messed up euphemism. And if owners can mark it that the cat is only to be euthanized/killed, why doesn't the shelter do it ASAP? Why make the poor cat sit and wonder what the heck is going on???

You do awesome, wonderful work. Good job!

Shannon said...

I must chime in and say, I guess I'm one of the lucky few. Guilt is one of those emotions that seems like a waste of time and energy, especially feeling it for other people's wrongs. Don't get me wrong. I feel awful about what's happening at the shelter; sad, angry, frustrated, irritated but not guilty. I'm doing everything that I can and when guilt threatens I remember the feline lives I have saved and the human lives I have been able to change for the better (my own included) and the guilt leaves. Remember, nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something. And we're all doing our something.