Friday, July 02, 2010

Looking For a Reason to Rescue

I feel like I'm still in "Canada Day" mode. I took a nap outside in the shade today and it was heavenly. My "Land of the Dirty Underwear" son turns 22 years old today. I still think he's the same little guy that wore nothing but Ninja Turtle underwear and cowboy boots until he was about 4 years old. He had the day off from work and school today and I found him asleep with my foster kitten "Parker". I couldn't help but think he'd make a great animal-loving-husband for some lucky girl that appreciates his love of cats and the fact that he can't find a laundry hamper.

I've been getting some urgent emails from Kim at the shelter. They are euthanizing so many cats right now. I feel grateful that I didn't have to go in yesterday to see them before they died. It would've hurt too much.

Fortunately, I have two emails in my Inbox from foster Moms willing to help several cats, so that's a point of excitement for me. I'm going to wait until Monday to do the rescue to organize things first. Plus, I'm due for some marital bonding and less rescuing this weekend. :)

There are two cats that I feel pretty desperate to rescue right now:

Tana is a sweet little black love muffin. She's been at the shelter in that frickin' microwave oven they call a "cage" for 3 months. She's probably already spayed. I love her. I have to help her before it's too late.

Titan! Oh my gosh. Just look at those tom cat cheeks! I want to get him out of there so badly. He's such a nice boy. :)

It won't be easy to go into the shelter on Monday. It never is this time of year. If you can help the cats, please let me know.

I could use a little bit more hope.


Dori said...

Hey Beth....I have a daughter who could use a guy like your son. She can't find a laundry hamper either!

HomeToMany said...

Oh Beth. I feel so bad when I hear about desperate pleas when I can do nothing (and there are always desperate pleas when rescuing from high kill). Last night I went to a wedding up north, just south of Barrie and when we were leaving we stopped at the venue's dumpster and there they were! First I saw a little tabby and then a black kitten playing on the rocks, I moved the car around to shine my lights on them and then I see: a tabby adult "the mom", another black kitten, 2 adults white and black, one older black and then the eyes of the other. They were all hanging around the garbage dumpster. Then I started with the tears to my husband - "go see if they are friendly, go grab the kittens etc.., etc.., " He does all of these things, they are not friendly (of course) and run when they see him leaving the 3 little kittens. He examines them and guesses they are about 5-6 weeks old - so we can't take them either. Although we can't take them anyway, as we are "foster failures" and don't have the time to look after 3 more kittens right now. F**K I was mad and upset and cried the whole way home...thought about them all night, and am still thinking about them this morning. I am not sure what I can do, as I know this is happening everywhere, but not normally in front of my eyes. But I will do something, just not sure what right now. Life is so f**king unfair for most cats it really pisses me off.


House of the Discarded said...

Home to Many: Oh Sarah...this hurts my heart too! Poor little angels :(

Anonymous said...

It breaks my heart to read a story like the one above and hear about all the cats that are euthanized this time of year. Will it ever end?? I wish someone could tell us it would. It just seems like such a vicious neverending cycle...