Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer in the Cat Den

I decided when I had my cat den built last year, that I'd let it go "au natural", so the cats could frolick in the high grass.

Yes, they're loving it.
When they're happy, I'm happy.

Enjoy the pictures...!!


Kea said...

Fabulous! I think it's important to let cats be well, cats, but safely.

I don't have a cat den, but I have a tiny townhouse back space, about 16.5 feet x 18 feet. My dad and I had rigged up some "cat proof" angled lattice with support struts (almost 4 years ago now), but it turned out to NOT be Nicki-proof, in spite of added messy modifications I made every year (netting, more netting, copious cable ties, garden stakes). Finally, after Nicki's most recent escape at the end of February (into the adjoining back space, where I managed to catch him), I had enough. I hired a handyman who had, IMO, a great idea, using corrugated PVC sheeting all along the fence, plus for the angled bits. You'd have to see pics. Oh, I do have pics on my personal blog:


I'll be paying off my line of credit for a very long time to come, but if it does the trick, it will have been worth it. So far so good, knock on wood, but Nicki's a frighteningly clever and determined mancat!

Nicole said...

Your den is so amazing! I cant wait to have one when I move out!!

Cindy said...

Isn't the cat den the most amazing thing you've *ever* bought!?!? Yours is amazing, I love the 'wild' look :-) And the cats look so happy! :-)

Even though ours is a balcony one (no real grass but with lovely views of trees packed with birds and squirrels), I am *so* happy with mine, the boys love it! They spent most of this morning hunting (and eating eeeeewwwww!) some sort of flying ant... Bertie loves lying around in his hammock and Sammy curls up in it with him, adorable really :-)

I recommend it to all the people who adopt my foster cats :-)


Allison at Novice Life said...

too cute! what a wonderful life your cats have

Beki said...

Can they come and go as they please? or do you have to "put them out?"

Debbie said...

How has your neighbour been this year???

House of the Discarded said...

Debbie: My neighbour...so far NOTHING from them but dirty looks! She broke her arm earlier in the summer - I'd like to think it was a squirrel-killing accident.

House of the Discarded said...

Beki: There's a window flap and they can come and go as they please. It's SO awesome. Cats that used to hate each other now get along...:)

House of the Discarded said...

Kea: I'm BEYOND impressed with your "fortress"! OMG! If I could get away with building something like that in Oakville - I would.

Love it! Love it!


Anonymous said...

"Cats that used to hate each other now get along".

That statement makes perfect sense to me. My Gizmo is a total wenchy scrapper, and winters with Gizmo are horrendous. She is grouchy and mean and fights with everyone. In the summers she spends most of her days outside on a harness and leash, and when she comes in she is loving and sweet and doesn't bite anyone.

In the depths of winter you can find me on any given day covered in wounds in various stages of healing, wishing desperately for the first days of spring.

AFSS said...

We just love your cat den.