Monday, July 12, 2010

Is It October Yet?

I was so happy to wake up to some cooler weather today. The shelter didn't seem so steamy and the cats seemed a bit less pathetic. Even though it was a "euthanasia day" today, the shelter was still quite full. I hate to think what it looked like yesterday at close. Poor little angels.

Rescued today:





I felt a little blue this morning going to the shelter. Sometimes it just works out that way for me in the summer. My friend Kathleen told me this afternoon, "Beth, if you look at the big picture you'll go crazy....keep it small." I knew just what she meant.

Seeing all those cats in the shelter today, not counting the ones that died this morning, and not counting the ones that arrived today...and tomorrow....DID drive me crazy.

I hate this time of year. Is it October yet?


Caroline said...

you rescued some fabulous adult cats, that otherwise wouldn't have had a chance! You're doing great!

Shannon said...

I like Kathleen's advice. When things get overwhelming, I remind myself about the one's who I've been able to help. To me, those lives are only small pieces of the puzzle but to those cats who got second chances, I'm everything.

Kea said...

I would think it's exceptionally difficult, seeing the ones who won't get a chance. But you *will* drive yourself crazy if you dwell on them. Please try and focus on all the good you are doing, the amazing work, as hard as that can be sometimes.

Lots of (((hugs))) and universal Light.

P.S. Thelma could be a sibling to two UK brothers, Eric and Flynn, who blog on the Cat Blogosphere. :-))

Anonymous said...

Beth sorry your having a rough day but look at how many you have saved in the last month, your one woman! You clean up other peoples messes every day! Only so much one lady can do and I must say seems to me your doing more so pat your self on the back and put your feet up and say good job for one rock!
Andi sends love and is laying here in the window enjoying a cool breeze & here to do so because of your efforts and those you bring on board! Little Princess even let My Mojo share the couch today!
Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you, it really does. Goodness knows I don't have your courage, going into the shelter and facing that stark reality BUT even though you can't save everybody, you have made such a difference!

My boys (my dearly beloved Sammy and Bertie) wouldn't be alive without you. The foster cats I have had (Jasper, Moe, Luke, Daisy, Rita, Noah, Nelson to name but a few) who have all found wonderful forever homes) would not be alive without you. You ARE doing a fantastic job even if it doesn't always feel like it...


Deb said...

It's the hardest thing in the world what you do..trying to save little souls but you do amazing work and adult cats barely have a chance at this time of year and yet you are getting those out that you can. Do you not realize how wonderful you are? I cry everytime I read about another one of your rescues because I have been in your shoes years ago and tried my damndest to help every one of the cats at our shelter but I couldn' I helped those I could until I burnt out. then another person was waiting to take over the hardship of trying to do their best. You do what you can and that's that. I hope someday you realize how special you are. Hugs, Deb