Monday, January 26, 2009

What a Good Rescue Day Looks Like

It was a good rescue day today. I love being able to say that. There's lots of speculation as to whether or not distemper is currently in the shelter or if it's old news. Yada...yada...yada.... I decided to rescue anyway. Normally the "D" word scares me, but the shelter looked pretty full today.

Rescue #1 is this handsome boy named "Barkley". I drove Kim nuts today debating on whether or not to take him. His ears were infected and I was really worried the vet wouldn't neuter him. Man, he stunk SO badly. The vet called me this evening...poor guy had a HORRIBLE abscess deep in his ear. He must've been in so much pain. Barkley is one of those big headed Tom cats that I adore. I love him. I hope his new foster Mom doesn't hate me. Tom cat smell and stinky, infected ears - Thank God for Febreeze. What did we do before Febreeze??
Rescue #2 is this pair of little future hellions. Their foster Mom loaded up her sick kids, drove 30 minutes to the vet to meet me and pick them up. Thank you! Thank you! Of course, nothing makes sick kids feel better than to see two cute kittens, right? :)
Rescue #3 is my own little foster cat named "Ike". He's the same age as Truman and I thought that they might be brothers. Ok. I'm totally lying - that's what I told David. "But SWEETIE.....we can't let Truman's brother die!!!!" I don't know if David bought the story, but he knows better than to complain about a low maintenance foster cat. Anyway, Truman didn't seem to thrilled with his new brother-in-fostering. But Ike is such a sweetie, he'll fit in just fine. :)
I'm saving THE BEST rescue for last! It was my honour to meet the man that drove from Toronto to save Spike & Callie today. Spike & Callie's owner died and they were dumped at the shelter by the family. (May they burn in hell) They are both about 13 years old, overweight and SOOOOOO sweet. Harlan (the foster Dad) is probably in his mid-70's and and so excited to take these two. When I introduced myself as a foster parent, he said - "Well...I'm supposed to be a foster parent, but I'm guessin' these two will stay with me forever."
Oh Harlan...if I weren't already married...


Steve Bartlett said...

Judging by the photo, Ike and Truman have the same dealer :). They must be related.

House of the Discarded said...

Hahhahaha! I think you're right, Steve!

RHz said...

Yes, that was a VERY good rescue day. Big round of applause to all those who pitched in to save the fur monkeys and to the guy who took those sweet old souls home to "foster."

I hope Barkley gets better soon. He looks entirely too huggable (hopefully he is UNsmelly soon!).

Anonymous said...