Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The New Guys :)

As promised, I went to the shelter today to rescue a very cute little Blue Point Siamese guy that was surrendered because "he was too rowdy". He's only SIX MONTHS old and of course he's unneutered. People are so ignorant. I'm sure they spent a fortune on this guy only to dump him at the shelter. They had named him "Bluebeard" (*puke*), and I could hardly wait to change it. I've named him simply "Blue". As always, enjoyed looking at his Before and After picture below:
There's the look of gratitude. He's on my lap and looking up at me SO adoringly. I melted. "You're welcome, little one".

While I was there, I couldn't help but rescue a VERY dapper guy named "Ruggles". Again - an impressive "Before" and "After" picture:

I think the most interesting part of both of these "after" pictures is the fact that they were taken TEN MINUTES after they arrived in my home. Seriously. TEN MINUTES!
Ruggles would have no part of a separate quarantine period. I tried to put him in my den, which is a VERY cool room with lots of windows. No. He wouldn't hear of it. He cried like a baby for 5 minutes and I let him out with all the other cats. My orange guy "Butters" hissed and gave him a swipe. Ruggles couldn't care less. Everybody was hissing and Ruggles seemingly *shrugged* and jumped up on the window seat and proceeded to eat. He pooped in the appropriate litterbox, (Not in the car on the way home!!! Whoo hoo!) and even tried to engage Thomas in a little bit of play. This was in the first 30 minutes!

I'm in awe. Whomever gave this guy up was a fool. He's really the perfect cat and SO handsome. Ruggles has been neutered and declawed, so I doubt I'll have either one of them for very long.

I'm in love already. (Don't I always say that?)


Anonymous said...

Oh, Blue is just *puddin'*!

Anonymous said...

both boys are so cute! They are going to go fast! Looks like ruggles wants to

Steve Bartlett said...

Sounds like Ruggles is going to be another Thomas ...