Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Being "Blue" Worthy

I still have my little Siamese guy and I'm loving him! I really understand why people don't particularly like them - they're noisy and definitely quirky. But that personality seems to suit me just fine! *wink*

Blue is such a stubborn little shit. guy! He scared me to death by not eating for 3 entire days. I spent hours on the floor with him - begging...pleading... I had a full BUFFET of food for the little booger. I warmed tuna juice, baby food - you name it. I feel like I had tried it. Until....

I started digging through my cupboards. Any good rescue person always has a variety of crap in their cupboard for this type of occasion. I thought I had opened everything until I came across a pouch of Whiskas. God, I hate that stuff. It cost .69 cents and has zero nutritional value. When I held the pouch up for him, Blue immediately starting howling! BINGO! I opened the pouch, poured it out and he ate like he hadn't eaten in 3 days.

Blue looked up at me as if to say, "Yah stupid. That's what I've been tryin' to tell you." (Except maybe in a Chinese accent or something.)

I'm getting very attached to this little man, and was disappointed when The World's Best Adopter (TWBA) called me last night about him. She was awesome. I haven't even met her and I wish she'd adopt me. Seriously. Barbara was "Blue worthy" and is coming to meet my Baby Blue Eyes on Saturday morning. She'll adopt him. Who wouldn't? He's absolutely adorable and a complete oooey-gooey loverboy!

Until then....he's mine! All mine!


Debbie said...

Your fosters are flying out of your place.
Good for you!!
Back to the shelter you go :)

Anonymous said...

Little rotter! Did he just consume all the gravy and leave the "meat" bits?

RHz said...

Siamese & Oriental Shorthairs are my favorite "breed" of cat. My one pain in the butt cat is part Oriental. He talks to me constantly and is just about the most velcro cat I've ever had.

I'm glad all the rescues you've been bringing home are going out just as fast!