Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ruggles Has a New Life

I'm a little late writing this post, as my sweet foster boy "Ruggles" was adopted the day after his rescue. His new parents were absolutely wonderful and of course taken with this charming guy.

He left without a fuss and seemed very happy to go to his new home. (Yes, that's Ruggles cute little nose peeking out of the box to the left!) I find it amazing that the majority of cats seem to know they are fosters and not "permanent members".

Even more amazing is the fact that this "discarded cat" languished in the shelter - UNWANTED, then rescued, and in his FOREVER HOME the next day!! I had to laugh, because it happened so quickly that the rescue wasn't able to update the adoption coordinators of his adoption. This little guy actually had a second adoption call the day after he was adopted! He wasn't just "adopted"...but in demand! Way to go, Rug-man!

His new family sent me a lovely e-mail and some pictures. As usual, I got goosebumps and cried:

Dear Beth,

Just wanted to let you know that Ruggles is doing fine and is loving his new home! He acts like this has been his home forever, and purrs non-stop. The pictures that were taken.. 10 min after his arrival tell the whole story!
(Note from Beth: The irony that the pictures were taken "10 minutes after his arrival" wasn't accidental - I made such a big deal about what an "instant pet" Ruggles was, that Anya and Dylan wanted me to know that they experienced the same thing!)

Ruggles sprawled out on a Toronto Maple Leaf's blanket is a "YES! This is why I do this.." moment for me.

It didn't hurt that his new family are Maple Leaf fans either. :)


Anonymous said...

That's it! That's the feeling that makes the mess, the expense and the heartache of rescue worth it. Thanks for letting us share in your high! Congratulations to Dylan, Anya and Ruggles

Steve Bartlett said...

Personally, I would never adopt a cat to Maple Leaf fans. Of course, Ruggles is probably a secret Boston fan who's waiting to pee on the blanket.

Anonymous said...

Im so happy that adoptions seem to be going so well & Leaving foster care so fast! Hope they keep the name, its really cute!

RHz said...

Thank you for sharing this rescue story. I adore the picture his new family sent you. I think his family is even luckier to have him, than he is them lol!

Anonymous said...

Great happy ending for Ruggles!! Yay Beth for sharing his story....
Do you know if they are keeping his name??