Sunday, January 04, 2009

Filling the Void

I had to share an e-mail I received from the adopter I met at the shelter last week. She's the lady whose previous cat was found 3 weeks ago tortured, doused in gasoline and set on fire. She's a lovely human being and has kindly stayed in touch with me. Her heart was really hurting that day that she met me at the shelter. She felt guilty for wanting to fill the painful void after the horrific loss of her cat "Bailey".

This is "Eddie", one of the cats she adopted that day. His shelter picture first - then the picture of her handsome boy ONE DAY after she brought him home. The transformation is remarkable.

This handsome guy is now known as "Mr. Magoo" Think he looks happy? I do too. I cried when I got this picture.

She sent Kim and I the following e-mail (edited for length):

"Dear Beth,

Thank you so much for giving me my babies, and for the wonderful work you and the other volunteer's do in trying to find homes for these beautiful cats.

They both spent the night with mom in OUR BED. Like I told you earlier Beth it was the first night in three weeks that I slept thru the night and didn't cry myself to sleep.

Again, I cannot thank You enough. Not only have the lives of these two beauties changed but mine as well, my emptiness has been filled two fold."

As I've always said: Anybody can rescue animals. But rescuing animals and helping PEOPLE at the same time is what it's all about for me.


Anonymous said...

thats great beth, he looks so happy!

RHz said...

Tears first thing in the morning do nothing for my complexion. :-)

I'm glad he had you and found a great home.