Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm fosterless. My little Blue-eyed wonder left with TWBA (The World's Best Adopter) this morning. I'm wondering what cat from the shelter might be the best fit for me and my crew. Lordie - Blue's litterbox is still in the guestroom with his poop in it, and I'm sitting here trying to figure out the next rescue! I'm hopeless. :)

I went onto Kim's site and saw some cuties that might need me. Who can resist this face?

Awww....he really is cute. I wonder if he likes other cats? I love pink noses - and he's got a VERY rosie lookin' little nose.

Although - THIS guy looks like quite the character:

I make it sound happy and fun to pick out a new foster cat. But it really isn't. I know whomever I leave behind will probably die and whomever I chose will no doubt have a wonderful life ahead of him.

It's quite an ordeal to choose. I take cats out of their cage and hold them up to other cats. A gentle "hiss" is ok. But a nasty lunge or hiss and scream isn't. I can't have cats in the house that hate other cats. Imagine when I find the cutest little guy that needs me only to find that he HATES other cats and I have to put him back in his cage. Sometimes they get so excited when their taken out. "YES! Somebody WANTS ME!" I want to cry when I put them back into their cage and they look at me with such despair.

Or even worse -they look at me with complete apathy, like they've already given up.

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