Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's a Paaarty!

Soooooooooooo....the boys are out and "aboot" with the rest of the gang. The transition went smoothly with very little hissing! That's always such a pleasant surprise. :)
Within the first 5 minutes, one of the little boogers climbed the screen on one of the windows, and the other managed to lodge himself in an open dishwasher. Children!!! Regardless, we're all having a ball and I thought I'd capture the excitement in pictures and post them here:
Lordie, these guys are CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! I can hardly keep my hands off of them!

Willy always hisses at the newcomers - but he was pretty well behaved this time!
Meeting Maggie for the first time was quite the ordeal. Maggie is such a trooper, bless her 10 year old heart.
Thomas was a little worried at first, but was out playing with the kittens within minutes! Good boy, Thomas!

It doesn't take long for them to learn that breakfast is served on the window seat in the kitchen!
Needless to say, I feel comfortable in leaving them alone with my troops while I go out and do some Christmas shopping today. David is procrastinating with the Christmas lights and I'm DYING for a Tim Horton's coffee.
Somebody barfed on my comforter this morning, so I'd better add that to the "To Do List". How pathetic am I? :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Quickie Update

Tomorrow is the big day! "The boys" are coming out of quarantine and with the rest of the gang. Poor guys have been mewing at the door and desperately want to hang out with the family. It's been 6 days since their rescue and 10 days since their vaccinations. I know I'm pushing it...

It's always stressful when I introduce my cats to the new guys. Everybody hisses and I'm always embarrassed for my cat's poor behaviour. I'm going to be home most of the day tomorrow to monitor the introduction. (David is putting up the Christmas lights, and I'm providing lots of "ooooh's and aaaah's", along with hot cocoa.)

I'm looking forward to having my guest room back. My daughter arrives next week on Wednesday from California and I've got to get the place cleaned up. She's going to fall in love with these redheads. My son arrived from Guelph with friends to have a "kitten fix" too.
Everybody thinks we should name them "Kenny and Spenny". I have a tendency to agree - they have such different little personalities and one is definitely more ornery and outspoken than the other. (I'm not telling which one!)

Wish me luck with the intro's tomorrow! (Please forgive the quick post - I taped a 2 hour Grey's Anatomy last night and I'm DYING to watch it.)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Redheads

My Mother tells me that every time I get a new foster cat I always say, "OMG, Mom...these are THE CUTEST ONES EVER!" But seriously, I think these guys are the cutest ones ever! Look at their little red faces and tell me you don't think they are absolutely perfect in every way. (*wink*) They're going to be in quarantine until the end of the week, so it's like a constant "purr-love-fest" every time I walk in the room. If you have a moment when you're not feeling good about yourself - just open the door and walk in. Who needs drugs and alcohol? Just surround yourself in pure adoration.

Like all new Moms I've taken a million pictures of my new foster kids. Picking out the perfect assortment of cuteness for the rescue website takes a certain knack. I wish I could tell other foster homes the importance of a good picture. Bazzle was adopted in a week....could be luck... or it could be a really outstanding picture. But I digress...

It's going to be interesting to see if these guys are really bonded or not. Right now, I would love to see them adopted together. But once they're out with my gang, they'll either remain together or they'll spread out and play with everybody.
Take some insulin. Here are a few more pictures:

I'm in love. I pray these little guys stay well. If they don't, I'm grateful that I have the time and heart to get them through whatever they need.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rescues & Limits

What is it about these rowdy redheads that I can't resist? As promised I went to the shelter today and came home with brothers. They're about 16 weeks old and are they CUTE with a Capital "C"!!!

Of course, they purr'd the moment I picked them up. David is already calling them "Dink 1" and "Dink 2". I'll have to think of some better names than that. Somebody stop me from calling them "Nate Dog" and "Taylor Hanson"!!!!

I just went into the bathroom to check on them and in typical redhead fashion, the bag of cat food was ripped open and the toiletpaper was unrolled. *sigh* Never a dull moment!!

David went with me to the shelter today and of course I cried and begged to take "just one more". I wanted him to see me holding this little tabby girl that was purring. I was sure that seeing my eyes brimming with tears would have him crumbing. I'm glad he was strong. Two foster cats have always been the best fit in my house. Any more than that, and things get pretty chaotic. If anybody who is reading this blog can see it in their heart to take her, please let me know. She's just a baby - only 16 weeks or so:

Right now, I miss having my own rescue. I would've taken her anyway and figured it all out later. Maybe I should stop going into the shelter. It hurts to have such a limit.

Needless to say, I'm thrilled with my two new guys. I love them already. My heart hurts for the ones that were left behind. The shelter was "at capacity". It's going to be a horrible euthanasia day on Tuesday. At least there's two orange kittens that won't be there when the vet arrives.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I've Never Been Lucy Ricardo

I've never been the type of girl that permitted any man to tell me what to do. But I'm sitting here squirming in my chair as it's 3:20 on Wednesday afternoon, and I'd really like to have gone to the shelter today to rescue a cat or two. However, David and I are leaving for Montreal tomorrow morning for a few days on another little romantic trip.

Don't get me wrong - I'm VERY happy to be going away to a gorgeous hotel in Montreal for a few days of shopping, pampering and romance, but my heart is really pulling towards some poor cat that won't be there on Saturday when I return. David told me, "Don't go to the shelter until we get can't ask Will (my son) to take care of a new cat, what if the cat gets sick?"

Why can't I ask him? Shit. Why can't I TELL him to take care of the newbie? I've been giving him community service hours for his help with the rescue. Why on earth am I sitting here listening to my husband telling me to "wait". Probably because he's right and I hate that.

I feel insanely guilty for not going to the shelter today, and snarly because I let a man tell me what to do.

This is NOT a good combination for which to start a romantic few days. Relax Beth, relax....

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Letter to Bazzle

To My Sweet Big Boy,

I'm going to miss you, Bazzle. Your new family was better than I could have wished for and so excited to give you a forever home. They asked me about what you liked and disliked. They were very happy to continue the "9 p.m. Snacktime" with the Temptation Treats too!

How could they NOT fall in love with you? You were an absolute gentleman and they were in awe at how handsome, quiet and affectionate you were.

Margaret promised me that you would be sleeping with her tonight. She said she had a big comfy bed and was very happy to share it with you. She promised me she'd never have a boyfriend that was allergic or didn't like cats. She would love you forever and ever.

I know you were worried when I put you in the crate. I hate that part too. It's the part where I try to explain to you that everything is ok and you're not being abandoned again. It's the part where I beg you to understand that this is a new beginning for you and not an end.

Margaret promised me that she'd call me tomorrow and tell me how your first night was.

I'm going back to the shelter to rescue another sweet cat that needs a home where he too can be loved and nurtured until a forever home can be found. I know there will be another hopeful face - like yours - peering through the cage bars. Or maybe somebody that has lost all hope.

Thank you for being such a wonderful houseguest, Bazzle. I wish everybody knew how rewarding it is to take in a homeless cat and turn their life into something wonderful.

You made me feel like I am *somebody* today.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Moving Quickly!

Holy crap! I got an adoption call on my Bazzlicious tonight! She sounds very nice - no other cats, but would like to have a dog in the future. Typical of me, I didn't want her to wait to meet Bazzle. (Strike while the iron is hot) She's coming tomorrow night at 7:30. At first she said, "My best friend has my cat crate, so maybe I should wait until next weekend to meet him when I have my crate."

I choked on my Diet Coke - " can borrow MY crate!" Good Lord - you can't let people wait too long to meet or take home a cat. The inevitable friend comes along and offers them a "free kitten", and you're shit out of luck.

This new rescue I'm with was a good choice for me. They're professional and they move quickly. Two attributes that I'm rather fond of. :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life Among the Savages

Today was the day. I opened the door to the guestroom and let Bazzle out with the rest of the crew. He had been crying at the door and my other cats knew he was in there. I expected the usual hisses and swipes. But much to my surprise there was nothing! (Not even Willy who ALWAYS hisses and takes a swipe.) Bazzle walked right up to everybody and gave them each an individual little "love rub" against their head. God, I love that cat.

He's spent the past 2 hours meowing in wonderment over his newly expanded living conditions. David and I sat in the family room reading the morning paper and desperately tried to ignore the rhythm of the Tom Cat plaintive meow. Holy Moly - he's brutal. I periodically called out to him and he would come in and chirp happily..."THERE you are!"

Ozzy seemed to be the happiest about Bazzle's new appearance into the home. Ozzy escorted him around the house: "Heeeey new can pee *here* and pee *there* and nobody cares! They keep loving you and petting you anyway!" *sigh* I'm afraid Ozzy would be right. Fortunately, Bazzle made the decision to pee in the community litterbox. Gooooooood boy, Bazzle!

My two orange cats Jackson and Wilbur are in another room and don't know that Bazzle is out among the savages. It'll be interesting to see how that goes. Jackson is such a crap about new cats. But he always relents and makes himself known as "Top Cat."
Thomas Turner seemed VERY happy to have a new friend and they instantly laid down together in the foyer. I'll have to take some new pictures later.

David and I are heading out to Costco on a rainy Saturday. God, I hate Costco on the weekends. It's a good thing Costco doesn't sell a bunch of cat toys and cat trees or I'd be in trouble. David is on holidays next week, so I'm anticipating another getaway of a few nights someplace fun. I'd love to get a good start on my Christmas shopping.

Cheers to a rather boring update. Unfortunately, that's what my life's become. A little drab. But for now - I'm OK with that. :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I'm always astounded at the immediate change in cats when they arrive from the shelter into a loving home. Their entire appearance "morphs". After hours of brushing, kissing and belly rubs, I think Bazzle believes he was probably euthanized at the shelter and arrived in heaven. His coat is getting shinier, and he looks at me with such adoration!

I've taken pictures of Bazzle in every possible cute pose. I suppose this comes with having T-I-M-E to actually take pictures and thoroughly enjoy my foster cat. I haven't had that luxury in a long time. Time to lay on the floor with an incoming foster cat and let them rub and purr until I have cat hair stuck to my lipstick. Gotta love that. David and I have been sitting on the floor and giving him 100% "love time". Once again - that's something we haven't done together in a long time with a foster cat.

We haven't let "Mr. Stinky" out of my large guest washroom yet. It's a HUGE washroom with big windows in it - certainly an upgrade from a 3X3 shelter cage. His pee still stinks and I'm worried that he'll spray in the adjoining guestroom. So he'll just have to hold tight until he's no longer a "pee-pee boy". If the damn bathroom is so luxurious, why do I feel so guilty that he's in there? He's got a cat bed, cat house, toys, blankets, and big sunny windows. I show up every few hours to pet him and kiss him. He's probably thinking, "Oh god...she's baaaaaack."

I'm really grateful Christmas is coming up so I can be busier during the day. I'm already tired of hearing David ask, "What did you do today?" I feel like yelling, "NOTHING! NADA! I played with the cats!!!" Instead, I draw out a long explanation of "Laaaaundry......after I ran out of faaabric softener....blah, blah blah..." God, I'm boring myself.

David suggested joining a gym and I wondered if any jury would convict me for killing him.
As promised, here's some more cute Bazzle moments:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hello. My name is Beth, and I'm a "Rescue Junkie".

I couldn't stand not being part of a rescue group any longer. Cats were dying *somewhere*, and I had the space in my home. I contacted another local rescue group and told them I wanted to foster. They seemed SO happy to hear from me and I felt an instant celebrity status. It was wonderful to feel needed, wanted and appreciated. Something that was sorely lacking with my last group.

I got an immediate approval to go to the shelter and rescue anybody I wanted. I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve - I didn't sleep the night before in anticipation of rescuing somebody that needed me. Would I be able to come out with only one?

There was no doubt when I met "Bazzle" that he was the one that I needed to take home. Kim from the shelter kept Bazzle in the garage in a tiny, tiny cage for TWO MONTHS with hope he'd be rescued. He's one of those big-headed Tom cats that purred and kneaded the moment I picked him up. God, he's sweet and Lordie is he STINKY. Bazzle has the "eau de Tomcat" thing going on. (aka: STS: Stinky Tomcat Smell)

I took Baz immediately to the vets to be neutered. There was NO WAY I would bring Mr. Stinky into my house. Ozzy already has had an a.m. "Pee fest" in my house, so to bring in another sprayin' guy wasn't an option. When I picked up Bazzle that night, there was no doubt that when I opened the door to the vets, that Bazzle was there. The STS was brutal. I think the vet and staff were very happy to see him go.

Alcoholics have AA meetings and Druggies have NA meetings. I guess the only fix for me is to rescue a cat. I'm thrilled that Bazzle is safe and in my home. He looks so appreciative and flops over on his back for belly rubs.

I'm in love with him already.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Aftermath

It's been a weird few days without being part of the rescue. I've spent $500.00 on crap I didn't need, cleaned out some cupboards, put some free stuff on Craigslist, and watched t.v. for 4 hours yesterday - DURING THE DAY! (God, I love Judge Judy - she has just the right amount of bitchiness.) Seriously, no wonder people who retire have such a hard time at first. I went from 60 to 0 in 1.2 seconds.

Until I recently, I didn't know there was good t.v. on from 6:30 pm until 10 pm. . I've always been on the phone or behind the computer. David and I have been walking the dog more and I feel my blood pressure going down. (is that possible?)

It's been sad watching my little rescue from afar. I tried to log onto the foster list so that I could call a friend for coffee only to find that they changed my password. Gosh...they changed my password on everything. Even the rescue phone line that I'm still paying for and that rings into my own house! Shame on them. I trusted them enough to have carte blanche use of my personal credit card for 4 years. But they cut me out of the rescue's life within 12 hours of my resignation. What did they think I was going to do? This isn't eff'ing IBM, for heaven's sake. Petty behaviour. I have no time for it in my life. Maybe it was too much to ask for folks to be civil. (End "Jaded bitter rant")

My cats seem VERY happy to have me home more. Ozzy is still peeing on things, but at least I'm cleaning it up faster. hahaha. I think David is enjoying better dinners and a less tired wife. In fact, we're going downtown Saturday night to see A Chorus Line. We're leaving at noon on Saturday to a swanky spa and having a couples massage, dinner out, then the theatre and then we're staying the night at a lovely hotel downtown. Tres Romantique! (Why do I try to spell french stuff?)

I'm going to reserve judgment as to whether or not my life's improved. For now, I'm having a ball, and I deserve every moment of fun. I think I'll continue to write in my blog for a while. You never know where life will take me and with 8 "Discarded Cats" in my home, there's always something to write about.