Monday, November 17, 2008

A Letter to Bazzle

To My Sweet Big Boy,

I'm going to miss you, Bazzle. Your new family was better than I could have wished for and so excited to give you a forever home. They asked me about what you liked and disliked. They were very happy to continue the "9 p.m. Snacktime" with the Temptation Treats too!

How could they NOT fall in love with you? You were an absolute gentleman and they were in awe at how handsome, quiet and affectionate you were.

Margaret promised me that you would be sleeping with her tonight. She said she had a big comfy bed and was very happy to share it with you. She promised me she'd never have a boyfriend that was allergic or didn't like cats. She would love you forever and ever.

I know you were worried when I put you in the crate. I hate that part too. It's the part where I try to explain to you that everything is ok and you're not being abandoned again. It's the part where I beg you to understand that this is a new beginning for you and not an end.

Margaret promised me that she'd call me tomorrow and tell me how your first night was.

I'm going back to the shelter to rescue another sweet cat that needs a home where he too can be loved and nurtured until a forever home can be found. I know there will be another hopeful face - like yours - peering through the cage bars. Or maybe somebody that has lost all hope.

Thank you for being such a wonderful houseguest, Bazzle. I wish everybody knew how rewarding it is to take in a homeless cat and turn their life into something wonderful.

You made me feel like I am *somebody* today.


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Dana said...

I just had to comment on this one, because I love your blog. I love your commitment to rescue, and to the cats in your care. I am so glad for you and Bazzle both that this new rescue seems like such a good fit! Please continue to give us updates, it's such a pleasure to hear how things are going in your life.