Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hello. My name is Beth, and I'm a "Rescue Junkie".

I couldn't stand not being part of a rescue group any longer. Cats were dying *somewhere*, and I had the space in my home. I contacted another local rescue group and told them I wanted to foster. They seemed SO happy to hear from me and I felt an instant celebrity status. It was wonderful to feel needed, wanted and appreciated. Something that was sorely lacking with my last group.

I got an immediate approval to go to the shelter and rescue anybody I wanted. I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve - I didn't sleep the night before in anticipation of rescuing somebody that needed me. Would I be able to come out with only one?

There was no doubt when I met "Bazzle" that he was the one that I needed to take home. Kim from the shelter kept Bazzle in the garage in a tiny, tiny cage for TWO MONTHS with hope he'd be rescued. He's one of those big-headed Tom cats that purred and kneaded the moment I picked him up. God, he's sweet and Lordie is he STINKY. Bazzle has the "eau de Tomcat" thing going on. (aka: STS: Stinky Tomcat Smell)

I took Baz immediately to the vets to be neutered. There was NO WAY I would bring Mr. Stinky into my house. Ozzy already has had an a.m. "Pee fest" in my house, so to bring in another sprayin' guy wasn't an option. When I picked up Bazzle that night, there was no doubt that when I opened the door to the vets, that Bazzle was there. The STS was brutal. I think the vet and staff were very happy to see him go.

Alcoholics have AA meetings and Druggies have NA meetings. I guess the only fix for me is to rescue a cat. I'm thrilled that Bazzle is safe and in my home. He looks so appreciative and flops over on his back for belly rubs.

I'm in love with him already.


RHz said...

He's gorgeous.
And once you rescue, it's in your blood, no matter who or where you do it!

Teresa said...

He's sooo cute Beth!! Reminds me of Gus.


Anonymous said...

He's soo cute Beth. Reminds me of Gus.