Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I'm always astounded at the immediate change in cats when they arrive from the shelter into a loving home. Their entire appearance "morphs". After hours of brushing, kissing and belly rubs, I think Bazzle believes he was probably euthanized at the shelter and arrived in heaven. His coat is getting shinier, and he looks at me with such adoration!

I've taken pictures of Bazzle in every possible cute pose. I suppose this comes with having T-I-M-E to actually take pictures and thoroughly enjoy my foster cat. I haven't had that luxury in a long time. Time to lay on the floor with an incoming foster cat and let them rub and purr until I have cat hair stuck to my lipstick. Gotta love that. David and I have been sitting on the floor and giving him 100% "love time". Once again - that's something we haven't done together in a long time with a foster cat.

We haven't let "Mr. Stinky" out of my large guest washroom yet. It's a HUGE washroom with big windows in it - certainly an upgrade from a 3X3 shelter cage. His pee still stinks and I'm worried that he'll spray in the adjoining guestroom. So he'll just have to hold tight until he's no longer a "pee-pee boy". If the damn bathroom is so luxurious, why do I feel so guilty that he's in there? He's got a cat bed, cat house, toys, blankets, and big sunny windows. I show up every few hours to pet him and kiss him. He's probably thinking, "Oh god...she's baaaaaack."

I'm really grateful Christmas is coming up so I can be busier during the day. I'm already tired of hearing David ask, "What did you do today?" I feel like yelling, "NOTHING! NADA! I played with the cats!!!" Instead, I draw out a long explanation of "Laaaaundry......after I ran out of faaabric softener....blah, blah blah..." God, I'm boring myself.

David suggested joining a gym and I wondered if any jury would convict me for killing him.
As promised, here's some more cute Bazzle moments:

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Anonymous said...

Well that just made my whole day! I remember seeing him in Hamilton and he looked so sad and confused by this new predicament he'd found himself in. I couldn't stop smiling while looking at the photos of him so obviously relaxed and happy. This is why we do it. Good Job!