Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life Among the Savages

Today was the day. I opened the door to the guestroom and let Bazzle out with the rest of the crew. He had been crying at the door and my other cats knew he was in there. I expected the usual hisses and swipes. But much to my surprise there was nothing! (Not even Willy who ALWAYS hisses and takes a swipe.) Bazzle walked right up to everybody and gave them each an individual little "love rub" against their head. God, I love that cat.

He's spent the past 2 hours meowing in wonderment over his newly expanded living conditions. David and I sat in the family room reading the morning paper and desperately tried to ignore the rhythm of the Tom Cat plaintive meow. Holy Moly - he's brutal. I periodically called out to him and he would come in and chirp happily..."THERE you are!"

Ozzy seemed to be the happiest about Bazzle's new appearance into the home. Ozzy escorted him around the house: "Heeeey new can pee *here* and pee *there* and nobody cares! They keep loving you and petting you anyway!" *sigh* I'm afraid Ozzy would be right. Fortunately, Bazzle made the decision to pee in the community litterbox. Gooooooood boy, Bazzle!

My two orange cats Jackson and Wilbur are in another room and don't know that Bazzle is out among the savages. It'll be interesting to see how that goes. Jackson is such a crap about new cats. But he always relents and makes himself known as "Top Cat."
Thomas Turner seemed VERY happy to have a new friend and they instantly laid down together in the foyer. I'll have to take some new pictures later.

David and I are heading out to Costco on a rainy Saturday. God, I hate Costco on the weekends. It's a good thing Costco doesn't sell a bunch of cat toys and cat trees or I'd be in trouble. David is on holidays next week, so I'm anticipating another getaway of a few nights someplace fun. I'd love to get a good start on my Christmas shopping.

Cheers to a rather boring update. Unfortunately, that's what my life's become. A little drab. But for now - I'm OK with that. :)

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Anonymous said...

"Heeeey new can pee *here* and pee *there* and nobody cares! "

ok, had me laughing out loud - you are truly a perfect cat lover Beth!!