Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rescues & Limits

What is it about these rowdy redheads that I can't resist? As promised I went to the shelter today and came home with brothers. They're about 16 weeks old and are they CUTE with a Capital "C"!!!

Of course, they purr'd the moment I picked them up. David is already calling them "Dink 1" and "Dink 2". I'll have to think of some better names than that. Somebody stop me from calling them "Nate Dog" and "Taylor Hanson"!!!!

I just went into the bathroom to check on them and in typical redhead fashion, the bag of cat food was ripped open and the toiletpaper was unrolled. *sigh* Never a dull moment!!

David went with me to the shelter today and of course I cried and begged to take "just one more". I wanted him to see me holding this little tabby girl that was purring. I was sure that seeing my eyes brimming with tears would have him crumbing. I'm glad he was strong. Two foster cats have always been the best fit in my house. Any more than that, and things get pretty chaotic. If anybody who is reading this blog can see it in their heart to take her, please let me know. She's just a baby - only 16 weeks or so:

Right now, I miss having my own rescue. I would've taken her anyway and figured it all out later. Maybe I should stop going into the shelter. It hurts to have such a limit.

Needless to say, I'm thrilled with my two new guys. I love them already. My heart hurts for the ones that were left behind. The shelter was "at capacity". It's going to be a horrible euthanasia day on Tuesday. At least there's two orange kittens that won't be there when the vet arrives.

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RHz said...

The new guys are adorable... they should find homes in no time.

I have also been put on a limit... and yes, it sucks. But I also understand that having too many makes the resident fur monkeys unhappy.