Wednesday, January 09, 2008

To Sleep or Not to Sleep....

We sleep with 5 cats. There. I said it. Five cats sleep on our bed every night. Everybody assumes their nightly position, and as long as we don't turn over or move - we have a sleep filled night.

Getting into bed is always a daunting task. The covers billow as we try to maneuver in and not disturb the cats. Cat hair flies up and we brush it off our lips. "Newman" my little epileptic cat (I bottledfed her from 3 days old) has a "blankie" that she needs to nurse on every night before she can settle in. So I have to lay there quietly while she nurses on her blankie. Pella, Phoebe and Bob both run for my husband to see who can sit on his chest first. It's usually Pella - she's a big black sweetie of a cat. Phoebe lays across his legs. Bob takes the spot on the pillow above my head. Thomas, our latest foster cat gallops across the bed over and over...We're pretty sure that we're paying for the chiropractor's kid to go through University.*sigh* ..romance with 5 cats on the bed. Why do I always feel like I'm in a porn movie with 10 eyes staring at me? I remember a passionate moment when a cat was sitting on my husband's back and she was accidently thrown off the bed. I don't need to tell you that the moment was ruined when we had to stop to make sure the cat was OK.

So why not just boot everybody out of our bedroom, you ask? I've slept with cats on my bed since I was a kid. I'm lost without my kitties snuggled up with us. There's something very comforting about their little faces and soft, gentle purr's. They're so happy that we're there. Spending time with them as we go to sleep gives us great joy. Sure we complain - but it's laughter-filled complaining if that makes sense.

I don't need to tell you that I married a saint. But that's another blog post.

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Anonymous said...

*LOLOLOL* Dogs can be just as difficult in a passionate moment...having had one interrupted by a cold, curious nose! *g*