Saturday, January 19, 2008

"The Buzz Kill"

Today was awesome. We had 17 cats adopted - 14 from an adoption event, and 3 out of loving foster homes.

I came home to a hideous e-mail and I'm trying desperately not to let it get to me. Out of kindness for a desperate woman, I posted a cat she was trying to rehome on our website. It was a courtesy. The cat wasn't officially in our program - I had never met the cat, nor would I collect an adoption fee. A man and his mother came forward and met the cat and took her home. I guess it was a disaster. I tried so hard to help them get over the hump of having a new frightened cat, but they ended up taking her to the humane society. I felt just awful.

To add insult to injury, they blamed me for the failure. I don't know why. It's like blaming The Toronto Star for a broken bicycle that was given away from a free ad. That's all I was - a free ad. There was no adoption agreement, and no money. I was just trying to help someone who was desperate and her cat to find a home.
So I come home to the following e-mail from the people who adopted her and dumped her at the humane society - they didn't even give her a chance: (I've edited the obscenities - but you'll get the picture)

You did this.
All of it.
You are a profoundly stupid and arrogant little b*tch with some serious mental deficiencies.
I never want to hear from you, or your rescue ever again.
Why don't you take this opportunity to take your cats and shove them sideways up your c*nt.

I'm trying really hard not to cry. Dammit..I never cry at sad stuff - just injustice. I didn't deserve this. I spent hours on the phone with these people trying to help them with their new cat. I even offered to go to their home to help them with a cat that was never on our program. It was just people helping people. I'm a volunteer for f's sake.

More than anything, I'm pissed off that they took away my buzz from 17 cats finding wonderful homes today.

Screw 'em.


Social Mange said...

Give me their number. I'll fix their little red wagon.

Sh*theads. They did not give that cat a chance. Proving once again that "free to good home" doesn't work. People do not value what they do not pay for.

And enjoy the accomplishments of the day. Don't let those lowlifes spoil it for you.

Social Mange said...

If you do want to be nasty, you can report them to their ISP for abuse. Unsolicited email containing profanities constitutes abuse to me.