Monday, January 07, 2008

The Right Hand(S)

What can I say about two women who help me with all the day-to-day crap that comes along with running a rescue? When I took over the rescue, I was pretty scared - the rescue had a mountain of debt and a lot of ticked off people that weren't properly looked after. D- and J- at that time were foster parents who came forward and scraped me up off the floor and helped me put together the rescue again. Geez....I felt like a Humpty Dumpty success story!

These women never complain and end up taking on some pretty crappy jobs that comes with running a rescue. Complaint calls, crying foster parents, and the dreaded "return". We cry, laugh and hold each other up during the good and the bad times. WOW...sounds like I'm describing a FRIENDSHIP...not just a business relationship, eh? :)

All three of us live in an all male household where we're the only women. Even our sons are the same ages. (You can imagine the stories we share) Whenever I feel like I can't carry on another day - these two women keep me going. Because of them, I'm able to leave on holidays and know the rescue will keep on running beautifully.

What would this blog be without telling you and reminding myself how much they mean to me. I can't imagine having friends that don't share the appreciation and passion for animals as I do.

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