Tuesday, January 08, 2008

P - Double O - P

If you're offended by matters of the bowel, read no further. After receiving 3 e-mails this morning regarding cat related bowels problems, I have inspiration to write about it.

Seriously, I had 3 e-mails before 9 a.m. regarding cat poop problems. They weren't anything serious, but I did have to address the situation. I used to be very delicate when talking about cat poop - "stool", "feces", "solid matter". Heck with that. Even the vet doesn't get the benefit of a delicate discussion. I call it the way I see it - it's POOP.

I had a bunch of people tell me that I had to try "Shweet Scoop" cat litter. "Oh Beth...it's the best...you'll love it." I didn't love it. In fact, NOBODY loved it. The jury was in. I found one turd right in front of the litterbox. You don't have to hit me over the head with a pooper scooper to know what my cats were telling me about Shweet Scoop.

Like a lot of pet owners, I can distinguish what cat (or dog) did what pile of poop. It's disturbing that I know this. My husband has now become an official family "Poop Identifier". I can hear him sigh from the basement, "The dog pooped in the basement again." or "Bob pooped in the bathtub." I'm not alone in this distinction. Most animal people know the difference in their pet's business.

If there's an accident in the house, it's rarely in a convenient location. It's always on a rug where I can't see it in the dark on the way to the washroom. Don't get me wrong - the accidents are few and far between. But anyone who has pets knows that dealing with poop is part of the deal. Last time I asked my husband to keep a foster cat, he didn't turn me down straight away - he just said, "Do we REALLY want something else in this house that poops?"

No, I guess not.

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