Monday, January 28, 2008

A New Start for Sophie

Mondays are always especially refreshing for me. It's kind of a renewal of the week and the prospect of new adoptions, new foster parents and rescuing more cats becomes a possibility. There's something about the weekend that leaves me tired!

The best news I've had in a long time came from a young woman interested in adopting "Sophie" our darling blind cat. She took Sophie home for a trial adoption and I've been holding my breath waiting to hear the news on how Sophie is acclimating to her new home. I opened her e-mail first this morning:

"Sophie has settled in very well, and, according to your predictions,behaved by sussing the place out, then becoming comfortable, and snoozing. She has used the litter box as if it were an Olympic event. She has been hanging out in the little bed I made for her. She is a wonderful cat! I am very happy to have her here. I am pretty sure I will be adopting her for good. I can't imagine her leaving now."

E-mails like this always make me cry!! One minute nobody wanted her and she was going to be killed at the shelter, the next minute this blind kitty was at a loving foster home with people she didn't know, in an environment she didn't know - now it looks like she is HOME!
Sophie looking VERY cute in her foster home.
When a hard-to-adopt cat goes to her forever home it's the best buzz I can have. Congratulations little Sophie Princess.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome way to start the week! I so needed a "pick me up" and this news about darling little Sophie is just the thing. Never say never..........

Social Mange said...

Aw, that's wonderful! Bless that lady for opening her home and heart to wee Sophie...let's hope she's happy in a fur-ever home!