Thursday, January 10, 2008

In Memory of "Jonathon"...

What does a seagull have to do with cat rescue? Here's the story that came through the Abandoned Cats Rescue line last night:

A lovely lady named Julie is part of a running club and while running through a field a few days ago she came across a seagull flopping around on the ground. His left wing had been torn off. He was in pain and bleeding. The rest of Julie's group thought she was ridiculous for pulling off her jacket and wrapping the distressed bird in it. Blood was pouring from the poor thing and all over Julie's clothes. The running group continued on without her, while Julie waited alone in the field with the seagull and waited for Animal Control to show up.

When the officer from Animal Control arrived he opened the truck to take the injured bird. That's when Julie saw "Fergus" - a darling black and white cat in the cage of the truck. His paws stuck out and he stared at her with pleading eyes. When Julie asked what is going to happen to the cat, the officer replied: "He'll be euthanized in 3 days."

That's when Julie called us to help him. She feels very strongly that this seagull came to her for a reason, and she didn't want the seagull to die in vain. We're rescuing Fergus this morning, and Julie is going to foster him. Her whole family is very excited about getting their new visitor. They've purchased catnip toys and a new bed to make him feel welcome.

I think we should name the cat "Jonathon" in memory of a special seagull - Jonathon Livingston Seagull.

We're coming to pick you up today, Fergus! Hang in there buddy!

AN UPDATE: I cried when Fergus' foster famiy sent me this e-mail shortly after his rescue. His new name is "Rocky". (My new name is "Mush")

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