Monday, May 06, 2013

Content, Thrilled, Stupified

I haven't been injured or given up on rescuing or blogging.  It's really and truly been the craziest month I've had in rescue in a long time.  It hasn't necessarily been a bad month - just busy beyond imagination.  Sure, I've had "busy months", but none that kick my ass like April!

Since April 1st - May 4th, the rescue has had more than 121 adoptions!  That kind of adoption number takes super human strength, huge support and volunteers that are rockstars. 

It's funny.  When I first started the rescue, I would be content/thrilled/stupified with 30 adoptions  per month. (....and STILL would be happy!)  A month that equals to an adoption each day would've been INCREDIBLE.  (We're not a big rescue,  so am still stupified!) 

If you look at my desk, my home, and my life you'll probably see what DIDN'T happen:

1.  The Charity's Return was sent out OVERNIGHT mail on the last possible day without penalty.

2.  I have adoption cash in piles in drawers because I haven't had time to count it out and go to the bank.  Too busy to make a bank deposit????? SERIOUSLY????

3.  I take great pride in keeping our website up to date.  But that ain't happening with a 121 cat adoption month. 

4.  Tight follow up with foster parents who have sick cats or other concerns.  Thank you for doing a great job when I wasn't so great of a leader.

5.  Healthy, wonderful

6.  Sex.  Ask David.  Men don't forget this stuff.

7.  I have dark roots, unmanicured hands and feet and hair on my upper lip.  (Hmm.  See #6)

By 10 am yesterday morning, I had 5 HUGE emergency calls from foster parents with kittens in distress.  My  own foster kitten was in emergency vets Saturday night after making a Peter Pan dive off the banister onto our wood floors....$500.00 ThankYouVeryMuch.   Our white cat Ozzy had a full mouth extraction on Friday and needed me too.  

I woke up this morning with a *start*.  I made a pledge to do NO  cat stuff today.  I left the website alone and David and I took off for a hike on The Bruce Trail.  We went shopping, had lunch at a cute bistro and neither one of us cared that I had hairy legs. 
Taken in front of the Bistro today

Sitting back tonight, I'm thinking about 121 cats in their new homes.  That's a load of cats, eh?  I need to get going on the administration of the rescue.   *Somebody* needs to insure that there is money for the 75 of the 121 cats (kittens) adopted to be spayed and neutered 3 months from now.  But I think a bank deposit will help that!  (See #2)

So yeah.  I'm still alive.  I miss blogging.  I've never stopped this long and promise to continue on a much more regular basis.  I really appreciate all the emails and comments I received asking if I was OK. 

I'm definitely OK, but a little too tired to enjoy the mega-adoption buzz.  :)


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

121! Wow.. congratulations

Debbie said...

So glad you are back blogging, really missed it.
121 adoptions!! that speaks volumes for the rescue and the great foster homes ! Congrats to all.
More adoptions = more lives saved :)

Crystal said...

Awesome!!! Congratulations Beth, Forever Home Cat Rescue and of course the 121 precious Cats now in forever homes:) You guys Rock

Tina said...

YEA!!! It's so good to hear from you Beth and to hear such GREAT news! That is phenomenal to have that many adoptions in 1 month. I'm so happy to hear so many kitties are getting forever homes. It's encouraging to me since we are having quite the dry spell here in NW Arkansas. I'm ashamed to say we've adopted out 3 cats so far this year. At first I wondered if it was just our group but there is a cat only rescue here that had a 3 day adoption event at Petco and only adopted out 3 cats. Things will turn around eventually. In the meantime I live vicariously thru you all! Glad you took some time away with your hubby to both certainly earned it. Anyway, real happy to hear from you and to know things are going gangbusters at Forever Home. Keep up the great work. -- Tina

Caroline said...

Wow 121 kittens adopted, fabulous! We're glad you're back!

Strayer said...

That is a lot of adoptions. You adopt out the kittens unfixed? How then do you make sure they do get fixed? Good records, I take it, good follow through? Good work! Down here I'd never adopt a cat or kitten out unfixed, the problem is so huge where I live. 90% would never get fixed later and people move so frequently in this area, making it unlikely they'll later be found.

House of the Discarded said...

Strayer: We don't do pediatric spays and neuters - too risky. We prefer the cats to be at least 4 pounds. The adoption fee INCLUDES the spay/neuter surgery. We have a spay/neuter coordinator that follows up.