Saturday, May 11, 2013

An Orderly Weekend

It's been nice blogging again. I honestly didn't think people would miss it, but once I started again I had some jubilant emails. :)

What people don't realize about having 121 adoptions in a month is that with those kind of adoptions come an equal number of questions, problems, and complaints.  If I have 30 adoptions, I might have 2 post-adoption problems.  With 121?  Good Grief.  Fortunately, all the adopters were kind, thoughtful and compromising.  But it's been one helluva week for spinning my wheels!

Oddly enough, the adoption lines have been VERY quiet!  We've had some calls  for kittens, but other than that, it's been  super quiet.  Usually, this kind of quiet comes in July and  August.  I hope it picks up again soon.  We have LOTS of people  calling with found kittens and hurt cats and need the help.

I'm fostering two kittens right now.  "Fillmore"  and  "Abigail".  Abigail has a home and I'm babysitting until her parents come back from Cuba.  They adopted  her before they left and I told them I would hang on to her.  Well....damn if Fillmore and Abigail have become fast buddies.  I'm hoping that Ab's new family will want Fillmore too.  But they already have one cat....ugh.  I hate this  part.  I'm going to have to grab another kitten just to keep Fillmore happy!  

I'm feeling more like myself again and less hurried. ( Except for one cantankerous cat we have in our care, things have been moving along smoothly. ) My roots have been coloured, my nails have been done and the hair from my upper lip has been ripped out with hot wax.  David has played in a Bridge Tournament all day today and there are dirty breakfast dishes still in the sink.  I think I'll leave them there until tomorrow morning. 

Yes, things are just as they should be.  :)

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Anonymous said...

I really love Fillmore!!! Hopefully abigails family will want 2 but I think he will be adopted pretty quick. I wish I had room for one more!
And I missed your blog! I checked it everyday!!!
Happy mothers day!

Stephanie & Amelia & the rest of the gang