Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Midnight Post

It's 12:30 am, and I'm usually an early-to-bed kind of gal.  But rescue comes with a price and I'm either exhausted or too wide awake and worried to sleep.  Tonight?  It's the latter. 

Cats and kittens are coming into shelters with such velocity that rescues can't keep up.  Usually, I don't lose sleep this early into kitten season, but I'm looking at our foster list and realizing that we have a lot of foster parents out on holidays and some with circumstances where they can't foster for another month or two.  I'm sinking - but I'm not drowning :)

I've been working with a really sweet family who adopted two kittens from us over the big adoption event 10 days ago.  Sadly, one of the kittens has become extremely ill with some unexplainable symptoms.  It's  awful when a kitten is this sick and worse when I'm trying to console a new adopter. "I promise, the kitten was FINE when he was adopted....these things sometimes happen...What did the vet say? can we help you?"  What's worse?  They just lost their beloved elderly cat a few weeks before the adoption.  Kids are crying, parents are upset... I guess this family is on my mind tonight.   They're going to an A+++ vet and he's doing all the right things.  I'm  just praying this little dude turns the corner soon. 

When David and I bought our house, we truly fell in love with the HOUSE.  The yard was another story.  We are not gardeners, but this yard is like a frickin' football field, so decided to give gardening a try.  I've never had a REAL garden and I was getting excited about the prospects.  I bought books.  I cultivated the soil, and got my hands muddy and it felt great!  I started with strawberries.  I lovingly planted sprouted strawberry plants - 10 of them - in my little garden. 

I felt like Martha Frickin' Stewart, and I was proud of myself. 

Then I woke up the next morning....

My little strawberry plants were GONE!  All that was left were some stems.  I stood there.  Incredulous.  I didn't know what could've happened to my beloved little strawberry plants.  Then I heard a voice from behind me.  It was my neighbour:  "Rabbits.  Ya got rabbits.  Didn't you see them in your yard?"

I dropped the handful of dirt and stood up.  "Bunnies?  I..I.. have Bunnies??"

Hell with the garden.  I have bunnies!  Probably bunnies having...(dare I say it?) BABY BUNNIES!  I'm going to give them all names and feed them every day. 

I didn't want that damn garden anyway. 


Debbie said...

I really hope the kitten turns the coner and it healthy soon.Stress!!
Beth we have baby bunnies too, the dogs found them!!Muggs had one on the deck licking it,,,Mike moved the family to a safe place.So, you need a garden to feed your bunnies !!LOL!!

Tina said...

I agree can get strawberries at the store. Bunnies are so cute! Have fun :-)

Anonymous said...

Mornin' Beth. Prayers and positive thoughts going forth that "the baby " will make it and some wonderful new "foster folks" will appear.

LOL, just plant stuff that Bunnies don't like to eat. Flowering shrubs take up big spaces and they're pretty too. Daffodils are nice and bunnies won't touch 'em.You can find lists of stuff on line that bunnies won't eat.

Hugggs, Gail

Chrissykat said...

Oh, you made me laugh this morning reading this. Bunnies!!! Baby bunnies!!! Haha! You are too funny. Enjoy your bunnies, gardens are so overrated. ;)

Caroline said...

Ahhh Bunnies, I'm glad you like them too!

Caroline said...

For those foster parents feeding Royal Canin Baby Cat 34 beware there is also Baby Cat 36 also in pink packaging, which I accidently bought yesterday. They are not the same and gave my little foster guy tuumy troubles. I emailed RC and luckily they provide a 100% money back guarantee so I will go to the store today and return the BC 36 for 34, they are both in pink packaging but the 36 is a bigger bag than the 34.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I can not tell you how much I love that last section of this post! :)

shannon said...

lol! you had the opposite reaction of most people when they have bunnies! But I would have reacted the same lol. You should try to get pictures of them!

Emsworth Girl said...

Oh beth you are so funny you will probably start a bunny sanctuary. My friend a Canadian married a Tasmanian and moved there planted a garden for first time. So happy when things began to grow morning garden ravaged dirt upheaved it was bad...the neighbour says ...oh you have to keep wire fence two feet underground two feet above....the culprit wait no joke....trasmania devils nocturnal litte buggers that come out and ensue hate on your garden.