Friday, May 17, 2013

A Tiny Bit of Love

I hate it when foster parents lose their foster cats.  They put in so much work and love and  to have the cat's just awful.  With kitten season upon us, it seems to happen more frequently.  

Tiny is a really special, sweet kitten.  She appeared with one of our affiliated veterinarian's on a local television show, "Animal House Calls."  Normal size for an 8 week old kitten is about 2 pounds.  Our Tiny was under 1 pound at almost 8 weeks:
She has been in foster care with her brothers for a month and her brothers are twice her size.  The runt of the litter often struggles and needs some extra TLC.  The other night I received the dreaded call that Tiny appeared to be failing. 

The foster Mom took Tiny into the vets this morning and was encouraged that Tiny might be just a little constipated!  Wow!  Could it be the little girl just needs to poop?

We weren't that lucky.

They did an x-ray and the vet called me:  "Mrs. Turner, I have NO  idea what this is  and  I've shown it to three other vets and they've never seen internal organs that look like this!  It could be cancer, it could be FIP...We just don't know and doubt she'll survive."

David and I are in the grocery store.  He hates it when I take these calls while we're together because he's left wandering around the grocery store.  But this time, he could see the look on my face as I leaned against the frozen food doors and listened to the vet. 

She proceeded to tell me that there was a vet tech in the clinic that had fallen in love with Tiny and wanted to take her home - even if it meant her survival for a few days.  Apparently, the tech had wrapped her in a baby blanket and didn't plan on getting any work done today.  She would spend her work day loving Tiny and giving her the very best chance of survival. 

I was practically speechless.  Other than a full recovery, how it could it possibly get better than this?  Tiny has  a home.  She has somebody that will love her and care for her - regardless of the outcome.  She'll get around the clock medical care. 

Just for now, my heart feels very full this afternoon.   Tiny has a home. :)


Anonymous said...

What a precious little soul, Beth. So glad she will be loved and cherished for the rest of her little life.

Sparkle said...

I am so glad that Tiny has a home for the rest of her life, however long that may be. That's all anyone can hope for any kitty.

Lory and Co. said...


hmacross said...

So heartbreaking. But, Tiny has a home and someone to love her. That's what rescue is all about.

Shannon said...

I had a tiny runt in the only litter I ever fostered. He was half the size of his bigger siblings and everyone thought he was a goner. Fortunately he wasn't sick, just small. I did do some supplemental feeding more so because there were a lot of kittens (6) and he wasn't getting a fair shot at mom. But he was fine and was adopted at 10 weeks by a women who walked into my apartment, spied him on the floor, said "I love you already" and started crying. Fingers crossed for Tiny and bless her new mom.

Anonymous said...

So happy this person is willing to do this.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Congratulations Tiny! May your life be full of love and purrs..

Sarah N said...

Did Tiny make it alright? I hope she's still enjoying her home and deating the odds!

TAH said...

Beth, I know we are not friends or anything close to it, but I just want to say thank you for saving that poor mama and babies. You have so much knowledge of what goes on and what has happened at HAC... you are a first hand witness to many things. Only someone who has seen what you have seen there and know what you know, can go to the media... Don't care what you think of me or my opinion, but you could use this incident to help change things at HAC.