Tuesday, May 07, 2013


We've back to rescuing at the "high kill" shelter.  They seem to have figured out the sickness there and although it's an imperfect system - they need us.  Apparently, THIRTY cats came into the shelter from different people within 10 minutes today.  Nine kittens, some bottlefeeders and some adults.  I just can't figure out how a shelter like this with a community that doesn't give a shit can eventually go "no kill".


So we rescued some bottlefeeders today, 4 older kittens  and "Austin":

Austin is a 5-7 year old declawed guy that caught my eye today.  I wanted to rescue a mellow, easy cat for a house of University students that wanted to help over the summer.  I named him  "Austin" for no particular reason other than it put him at the top of our  Petfinder page.  :)

When I brought him to the girls, he was immediately at home.  He trotted around their tiny house like he owned the place and they were thrilled.  THEN....I went to leave....

Those of you who have cats always play the "leg game" when you leave to insure any door dashers don't accidently get out.  This time it was no different:  I opened the door and Austin BOMBED the door.  He was out the front door SO FAST...I couldn't believe it.  He didn't just saunter outside - he bolted and RAN like the wind!

My rescue partner was with me and we bolted after Austin with the college girls behind us shaking a bag of Temptation Treats.  We ran through bushes, flower gardens and into back yards.  I was  panicked.   "What if we lost him?"

Austin finally laid down under a car peacefully as I crawled in under the car with him and grabbed his leg.  Austin looked at me without comprehending what the big fuss was  all about.  He went limp in my arms as I took him back to his new foster home.  We talked about "door dashers" and what needed to happen to insure his safety.  I was sweating and panting - not sure if it was from the running or just the fear.  I've never lost a cat like that.

I left a message for  the girls tonight and received the following reply from them:

"Hey Beth,
Sorry for missing your call. It was great meeting you too! I decided that Austin seemed more like a Milo and I think he likes that name better! It's been going great so far, he's the sweetest cat I've ever met and loves snuggling and taking naps with me- which is awesome because I love to nap! He's been eating his dry and wet food and used his litter box without any problems! All my housemates love him too and I think he's adjusting really well! I'm so glad to have him here and to have been able to help save him! I'll be sending you some awesome pictures in a few days, but overall Milo is doing fantastic and he's just an overall amazing cat!"

I think "Milo" is going to be OK and sounds like he's enjoying the life with some pretty young girls.   But I'm still going to buy him a break away collar with a name tag! 


Sparkle said...

It sounds like Milo is laid back with a dash of flash! (Or flash of dash?) I hope the right home comes along for him soon - he does sound like a great cat, and I offer up the usual bad wishes to whoever dumped him at a kill shelter.

Caroline said...

Wow what an exciting day for you! I think Milo should be named Speedy or Dasher or Flash as per Sparkle's idea. He doesn't sound mellow enough to be a Milo but who knows maybe he will calm down and fit his name eventually! Great rescues!

Random Felines said...

geez - apparently he didn't get the memo about being saved. :) he sounds like he has those girls right where he wants them!!

Jennifer Lundgren said...

Definitely a good leather collar! Properly fitted I think they are safer than the break aways or elasticized ones... Too many cats get their jaws stuck in the elastic ones, but I've never had (or seen a problem, as a vet tech) with a well fitted leather one. And of course, all my guys wear them ;)