Sunday, April 07, 2013

When All Else Fails? Count Your Blessings.

It's been a painfully long week.  It's been one of those weeks where I've dealt with some very difficult people.  My stooped shoulders have been demonstrating the burdens from the past 7 days.

I've been lied to, bullied and my integrity questioned.  I've been asked for a refund of DONATION money that was sent 3 months ago.  To add insult to injury,  a shitty letter was attached with the "2nd request" to refund her donation money so that she could pay her vet bill. (Who does that?)  My face is broken out, my nails need done and my roots are dark. 

It's just been "one of those weeks."  There's really no sense in ranting or listing all the crap that's happened.  I don't think it's going to help me or the cats.  I've been known to write some pretty scathing blog posts when I'm frustrated.  I know when ranting is going to help.  Today is not one of those days.

Sometimes it's better to count your blessings:

It's April 7th and we've had 20+ adoptions for the month of April alone.  That's close to 3 adoptions per day!   So far, they've all been successful adoptions - no complaints and loving "parents".

I met an awesome young man at the shelter yesterday.  He wanted to adopt an adult cat.  We didn't have the right fit for him at the rescue, so I had hoped he could connect with a cat from the shelter.  He left with an adult black cat and an adult black and white cat!!   BOTH had been at the shelter for a year.  

We lost an incredibly special foster parent to cancer.  Before she passed, this unselfish woman asked for donations to our rescue in memory of her and in lieu of flowers.  Thanks to her kindness we have a nice dent in the money needed to pay for orthopedic surgery on one of our rescued cats.  I'm going to miss knowing that this lady is in this world.  She was a class act.  I count my blessings having known her.

One of our foster parents has an adorable 6 year old boy.  As part of his birthday invitations for his 7th birthday, he asked for DONATIONS for our rescue!  He made $265.00 to give to the rescue.  His parents have obviously done something right. 

(Insert sarcasm here) I've had some really difficult challenges (end sarcasm):  I can't figure out my new Iphone 5;  we're still looking for a more gas efficient car; and David wants to go on a cruise for our Anniversary, but I want to go to the Arctic and see polar bears.   Our kids are healthy and my parents are still alive.

I'm feeling better.   Maybe I should've listed those ridiculous First World problems first.  The Pizza Delivery guy should be here soon and I'm going to make time to get my nails done tomorrow if it kills me. 

Last week isn't looking so bad any longer.  :)


Random Felines said...

don't let the ogres get you down!!!

Congrats on the adoptions - and leading that young man to taking home those kitties. I tell people that if you can't find the right fit through our rescue, check long as they adopt from a rescue, it is all good and lives are saved. :)

Blessings on those two families - for a loving family member who wanted to give back as she left this world and for a family teaching a young boy to give back. how awesome.....

and of course pizza never hurts :)

Anonymous said...

I miss your blogs Beth:)

Joanne L.

Anonymous said...

Have you given up your blog Beth? I miss your postings.


Anonymous said...

Me too Beth !
Suffering from withdrawal !

Concerned Kitty said...

I am hoping all is well? Please come back soon.
Miss you.