Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Yes, I Can!" (Most of the Time)

One of the nicest sentences any rescuer can hear is "Yes, I can!" We're constantly being rejected, stood up, and our plight is often ignored or minimalized. Hearing someone that is willing and able to follow through to help is music to our ears.

I didn't post much last week. I didn't rescue much either. It wasn't for lack of time - but for lack of anyone that seemed to really care to help. It was the same people saying, "Yes, I can!" I heard so many rejections last week that I thought I'd list them here to help me with the feelings of disappointment. As usual, I've copied the comments directly from the email or voicemail:

"I'm sorry Beth, but I just couldn't make it to the shelter. I hope you didn't wait for me long."

"I'm sorry, my husband said "no". I should've asked him before I called you so I didn't waste your time."

"I'm going out of town for 6 days and it's inconvenient for my boyfriend to watch the kitten. Can the shelter keep the kitten from being killed until I get back?"(NO!)

"Sorry I didn't call you back until now. I hope it isn't too late to save "fluffy". (Yes, it's too late...Fluffy was euthanized while you were jerkin' around with whatever.)

Saturday I found myself saying, "No, I can't." I had a family-thing I had to do and I couldn't help with the rescue. I felt badly, but I so rarely say "no", that it almost sounded foreign to say it. During the week, I'm a "Yes Rescue-Girl". On the weekends, I try to be "Family Girl." On the weekends I find my heart isn't always where it should be and I think about the cats, potential foster homes, and calls I should be making.

Instead, this weekend - I bought a new washroom vanity for the house that we bought and leather couches for the family room. It all sounds so trivial and normal. My cell phone kept ringing in the stores and I would look up at my husband and check caller ID. I missed saying "Yes, I can." But it's not good for me to always be available. Sometimes I have to look after myself and family first.

A piece of good news: This weekend I drove past our new house to see a lawn sign in our neighbour's yard: "Cause for Paws" fundraiser. OMG! My new neighbours are ANIMAL PEOPLE! Yipppeeee!!!!

Hell.. I'm all over the place with this post. What on earth am I going to title it?


Anonymous said...

It's sad that you and those dear cats were let down this week. I pray this is a week of genuine "YES I CAN" responses! Please never give up hope.

Anonymous said...

No way! I already thought that your new house was beautiful but knowing that there are animal rescuers nearby doubles its appeal!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to be all things to all people (or cats), don't get discouraged, you are such an inspiration!