Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some Things to Smile About

With all the politics and hoopla going on with the Toronto Humane Society and the possible strike with Toronto Animal Services, I've been so happy more than ever to be "just rescuing some cats". I'm convinced that politics isn't my place in life. I wish it could be, because I certainly have a big enough yapper.

I was at the shelter today and took 9 cats out of there. It's going to be more difficult to do the "big rescues" because the local vets are having trouble accommodating all the cats that I bring in on a last minute basis. I wish we could convince more veterinary offices to help us. The ones we have are overloaded with reduced rate work from us. Oh well..."rescuing too many cats" - certainly a problem I can live with! :)

I received a fun picture today from the foster Mom for "Kringle". You might remember her as the little pregnant calico that I rescued last week. Her foster Mom woke up to a surprise this morning:

Christmas in June! Five little ones!

I was happy to get some of the urgent cats out of the shelter today - including two black cats! Such a victory to watch black cats leave the shelter. :)

It's no mystery to those who read my blog that I have a thing for the "big cats". I don't mean lions or tigers - I mean BIG cats. I hate seeing them sitting in a small cage and barely able to move around. I was fortunate to be in the position to rescue "any adult cat" for a foster home who would take anyone (Bless her heart!) Sooooo.....

Meet Princess! 22 pounds of sweet! She was dumped at the shelter due to "allergies". She purred and purred when I picked her up. I love her. I hope the foster family loves her too.

My favourite email of the day came from Dori who rescued "Heckle" today. Heckle has the worst picture. He's a very handsome boy:

From Heckle's foster Mom: "We picked up Heckle.....what a beautiful boy! Even at the shelter he was rubbing all over us! That picture sure didn't do him justice...He's already checking out his new place and is very friendly with everyone...purring up a storm.....I don't think he'll be hiding tonight. The kids already have it figured out that we'll keep him...we'll see.....now to come up with a better name to suit his personality."

It was a beautiful day and I didn't mind the long drive down the highway. The cats were quiet and all seemed to be well with the world.

Let's hope I can keep the serenity until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

We need less politics and more people "just rescuing cats"! What a great day you have made it for those little lives. I wish more people would protest the Humane Society by going down there and adopting a cat to get them out of those cages and into loving homes!

Anonymous said...

Heckle and Kringle have the same eyes, it looks cartoonish. lol

RHz said...

I agree with Anonymous 1... less politics and more rescuing! Glad you had an awesome rescue day!