Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday At the Shelter

It was strange to be at the shelter on a Sunday. For me, Sundays are usually filled with family, leisurely breakfasts and reading the newspaper in my robe until noon. Instead, I was at the shelter.

Last night, I felt a little pitiful about the rescue. I only had 1 cat on the docket and I knew it was going to be extra difficult to be there because it was a euthanasia day on Monday. Thanks to many wonderful volunteers, by the time I left for the shelter, I had THIRTEEN to rescue!

The orange kitten (above) was rescued by a current foster Mom who gave him a forever home - sight unseen. (It never ceases to amaze me that people trust me to pick out a cat for them!)

I was happy to play "stork" when I delivered Murphy (pic below) to a darling family with 3 kids. Murphy was a VERY vocal kitten and I was ready to slit my wrists by the time I arrived at their house. Gratefully, he was happy to let the kids pick him up and kiss him. He purr'd and purr'd. It was all good stuff. :)

"Murphy" - a quiet moment, praise be.
The next picture gets my vote for one of the most PITIFUL pictures. I'm so glad she's safe and in a loving foster home tonight. She had the most delicate little feet....

"River" - (bless her little heart)

I was extra excited to rescue TWO Moms with their kittens. Both of these Moms were so sweet and would knead in the air when you talked to them. I'm so grateful to the foster Mom that stepped up to the plate and took both families. It was beyond the call of duty. Both families wouldn't have made it through the day tomorrow.

She has 4 kittens - it kills me when they sit in their litterbox. :(

A little Tabbico with her two tabby a loving foster home tonight!


People are always surprised to see a purebred cat. You have no idea how many there are at the shelter. This little girl went to a forever home tonight. She's only 1 year old and has callouses on the bottom of her feet from being in a cage - probably her whole short life - a rejected breeder's cat. Bastards!

I also rescued a VERY cute little black cat that I originally reported had been rescued. She's going to a forever home tonight too.

It was a good rescue day today. I wish every day could be like this one. I'm comforted in knowing that this little group of 13 are safe tonight. I didn't leave the shelter in tears this time. I felt like maybe - just maybe - I had made a small dent in the population at that shelter.

At least for tonight, that's what I'll keep telling myself.


Kathy said...

You did GOOD girl !!!!!!

Alison said...

If we made 'beds' for the cages, would they use them at the shelter? I hate seeing the pictures with the cats/kittens huddled in their litter boxes.

Anonymous said...

Great job Beth, with you taking 13 on Sunday does that mean Monday there are none to euth? If the cages are empty you would think so... Caroline

House of the Discarded said...

Alison: Definitely! As long as they're washable - the shelter can always use beds, towels and toys suitable for kittens