Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30th? Really??

I didn't want to complain yesterday, but I'm officially on day #2 without a hot water heater. I knew I had to take a cold shower this morning and I was ready to deal with it. But I completely fell apart this afternoon when the repair guys came in and said that they had to tear down a wall and open up the ceiling to install a new water heater and they couldn't get that done today. If I had been 25, I would've flashed him some thigh and begged. Instead, I offered them $100.00 cash and they laughed at me.

Please God, I need hot water. If not for me...but to clean up cat barf in the family room.

On a happy note, "Tuck" is settled into his new foster home and his new foster Mom thinks he's wonderful. The vet said his legs are not broken, but he has some infected joints from the abuse he suffered - nothing that some rest and antibiotics won't cure. I had him at my house for the afternoon and he's just the sweetest little guy. I kept going in to visit him and he always looked so happy and grateful!

I received a lovely email from a foster home this afternoon. She's fostering "Bubbles":

Dear Beth:

I’ve been reading your blogs …..hoping all is well....I just want to thank the Toronto Cat Rescue and especially you Beth and Brenda for bringing us our “Bubbles”.
He is just the greatest and is exactly the type of cat I was hoping for. He has fit in from the first night that we got him (never any trouble). He is very loving, playful and wants to be with us. Bubbles and the Marty (our dog) resemble of a flee commercial they are always together. My six year old is constantly saying that I picked the best cat and my “ never had a cat before” husband is kissing him on his head.
Needless to say we want to keep him. Please let me how to proceed.

Music to my ears! Bubbles is already in his forever home! I remember this foster family well. Her husband "wasn't into cats" (*smirk*). Bubbles was tossed out like garbage, dumped at a shelter and now gets kisses from a family!.... Does it get any better than this? :)

Thank you Magda and family for loving Bubbles forever! :)

I'm organizing a larger rescue on Friday and am hoping to beg for some help. (Although after the water heater incident, I'm wondering if my begging abilities have waned through the years. I either need some better looking thighs or more money.)

To my Canadian Friends:
Happy Canada Day! I'm proud to say that I'm a Wannabe Canadian and am excited each and every day to be part of this wonderful country.


tally oh said...

I guess my emotions are still heightened - this almost made me cry! What a happy ending <3

Jezika said...

Here, here!

kb said...

You're not Canadian? Interesting...it seems that 3 of the 4 cat bloggers (me, you and Jez) are immigrants.
What kind of help do you need Friday?

Anonymous said...

Is Simon going to be a part of your rescue on Friday?

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: I *wish*. Nobody has stepped forward to help him. I rescued his sisters, so I'm really feeling the pinch to get him out of there. He's a sweet boy and it breaks my heart that he's still in there.

tally oh said...

Kaluha was rescued though, right?!

House of the Discarded said...

Tally: Oh yes...Kaluha is living the life of luxury as we speak!

tally oh said...

Yay <3