Monday, August 18, 2008

The Samantha Chronicles

About a week ago I wrote about a little girl that I lovingly referred to as "Cha-Ching" because I figured she'd cost us a ton of money. The poor little girl had so many fleas, flea bites and flea poop all over her that she had lost all of her hair.
I've decided to periodically post pictures that her foster Mom sends me to update her progress. Her foster Mom is "Jenn" - Jenn is very pregnant and took on this sad looking little cat. I can't picture Jenn trying to bathe this scabby bald cat with her big belly over the bathtub. (Sorry Jenn - you're not THAT big!)
This is Samantha's shelter picture. A cat can't look much more pathetic than this little girl.

Rescue Date: August 11th, 2008

Comment from foster home: "Just wanted to let you know that ChaChing, who is now Samantha, is doing pretty well. Her skin actually looks amazingly good, just a few scabs which should clear up in no time. I'm pretty impressed how good of shape it's in, once I got the flea dirt scabs and sebborhea washed off. She's eating like a pig too :) Now I just have to tame her, she is pretty scared, poor little girl!"
New Pictures of Samantha arrived today, August 18th, 2008. Wow! Look what love, good food and a bath can do!

More thoughts from Samantha's foster Mom: "Just wanted to show everyone how much better Samantha looks in just a week!! Now we just need the hair to grow back! And boy, she still stinks - and farts - out loud!
She is also the craziest lap cat who is teaching me how to work with one hand as she insists on climbing all over me and jamming her head into my belly and face to get some attention, I can't believe the complete turnaround :) Problem now is I can't get her to leave me alone!!"

I think this little girl gives the term "Labour of Love" a whole new meaning. :) Jenn: You rock!

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