Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Magic Number is 80

I can always tell when I've been on the phone too much. I have two HUGE "phone zits" on my chin that are positioned exactly where my phone touches my chin. I hope the other volunteers can join me in saying, "It's worth it all."

I just added up August's adoptions for the month. (Although I think there are a couple of adoption agreements outstanding...) We've had 80 adoptions for the month of August! EIGHTY!! Think about 80 cats in one room...or 80 cats in cages at the shelter...That's a lot of little lives saved.

Our volunteers are just too awesome; Between hundred's of dollars spent in gasoline driving cats around, setting up a raffle, hours spent at adoption events, countless hours spent on the phone, answering's really paid off. We had a wonderful month! Our average is about 50 cats adopted per month, so 80 cats feels huge! You should see the pile of adoption agreements on my desk. I should throw them on my bed and roll around on them. (but that seems a little weird, even for me)

With the successes come the heartbreak...we've lost several kittens this month to God-knows-what. One of our kittens was in emergency today, in fact. ($$$$) We've seemed to dodge the "Distemper bullet" this season. (*knock on wood*) Doesn't matter what it still hurts.

To show you how dedicated our volunteers are, one of our favourite foster Moms delivered a beautiful baby girl a few days ago and had an adopter come today and take her foster cat home! What a trooper! Seriously...after my first baby, the last thing on my mind would've been a foster cat. God bless her.

Tomorrow is Labour Day and a new month. I'm looking forward to sleeping in, waking up tomorrow and gloating.

80. EIGHT. ZERO. The Big Eighty. 10+10+10+10+10+10+10+10

That's what I'm talkin' about :)

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Social Mange said...

Eighty, that's fabulous! Congratulations!

And yes, phone zits and carpal tunnel symdrome are worth it :-).