Sunday, August 10, 2008


I should've checked my horoscope to see if money was coming my way. It's been crazy financially the past few days with the rescue. I came home from my vacation to find that the rescue was a DISASTER financially! ('s always a disaster, but I was REALLY scared this time) The vet had billed my credit card (mutually agreed upon way of paying the rescue's vet bills) over $5000.00 in one week! Good gravy blood ran cold.

Whenever things like this happen I roll up my sleeves and get organized. I started going through the enormous pile of crap on my desk and filed...and filed...and filed. Son-of-a-gun - I found a wad of cash totally $350.00! Where had THIS been all this time?? Even though I was alone, I was pretty embarrassed.

D--and J--have never let me forget that they found a cheque in my garage nestled in an old file folder while we were setting up for a garage sale.

The next little financial miracle was the adoption event on Saturday. We had TWENTY-ONE cats adopted yesterday! (one was a trial adoption, and she's being returned because their resident cat started pee'ing on the bed. A sure sign of a deal breaker and that it's not going to work out) PLUS I was given a cheque for $900.00+ for a garage sale last weekend that I forgot we had!

I looked at our bank account a few moments ago and discovered the last deposit I made had a keying error and it was in my favour for $360.00! Holy crap! IN MY FAVOUR?? Nothing is EVER in my favour. If there's a keying error, it's usually $360.00 zapped out of my account and out of my life forever.

So we're not out of debt - not by a long shot. We're still broke, but the emergency I was having was squelched by some little financial miracles. Turns out I don't have to ask David for money. I don't have to stop rescuing this week. We're still in business by the skin of my teeth. ("Skin of my teeth"? Is that really a saying?)

Maybe the tide is turning...maybe it was just a momentary reprieve. Regardless, I'm grateful for the little financial miracles. Because this is the next cat we're being asked to rescue...

I think we should name her "Cha-Ching" :) This one might pay off Dr. S's student loans before we're through. But how can we resist?

Look at that sad little face...."We're comin'...little....'Cha-Ching'!
UPDATE: "Strawberry" has been rescued! She's safe and sound at our vets! (you didn't REALLY think I was going to call her 'Cha-Ching', did you?)

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Social Mange said...

How about Bling Bling instead of CHa-Ching? Poor beastie looks like she needs some goodie in her life.

And boy, do WE need some goodie in our lives!! Donate, donate, donate!!!