Friday, August 22, 2008

The August Award for....

...."Stupid Reason to Dump Your Cat" goes to this charming Craigslist poster. Here's her post, dated August 21, 2008:

" I love this kitten but I can't keep him anymore. He is the most adorable and affectionate animal you will ever come across. Always wants to be on your lap. Sleeps curled up beside you. Quiet. But he has a very sensitive stomach and throws up on occation. I have my condo on the market and can't have people coming in and there being puke somewhere. I honestly didn't mind cleaning it up once in a while but can't right now. He's fixed. He's awesome. And I don't want to bring him to the humane society..."

(By the way - this cat is NOT a kitten. In the title the "kitten" is 1 year old.) The cat throws up, she doesn't want to find out WHY the cat throws up. She just wants to get rid of the problem because she's selling her condo. Boo Frickity Hoo. She's so stupid - no wonder the cat is throwing up. She's making me sick too.

I'm speechless. Really.


Anonymous said...

I stomach wants to rech all over her carpet just for karma, or better yet give her a vomit inducing agent and tell her I don't want her because she puked!!!

Chances are the cat needs more moisture or a better diet...quite simply, it can be solved. My cat did the same thing and he has IBD with diet, he is a lot better.

People have every right to be stupid, but when it affects a life...its disgraceful to the human race :(

Anonymous said...

I saw that today as well, it really pissed me off.
I almost feel numb to the stupidity I come across on there now though, everyday there is a new excuse for "getting rid of" their pets. Poor things.

Anonymous said...

I should track her down, tour her overpriced closet, and puke on the floor in retaliation.