Sunday, August 17, 2008

En Passant

It's been really fun this week to answer the rescue phone line and hear more adoption inquiries than surrender calls. My voice has definitely taken the brunt of it and I'm in the middle of nasty laryngitis. I can still talk -barely - it's just a huge effort and my throat is sore. It's kind of surreal that I quit smoking and end up with throat problems. Life ain't fair sometimes.

We also have some new foster homes, which has been rather exciting! I love talking with new foster homes. To hear the anticipation in their voice about getting their new cat. They want to make a difference in the world, God-love-'em. Hearing them gets me excited all over again. It's contagious!

One of my foster cats "Dylan" was adopted a few days ago by a a very sweet yuppie newlywed couple. He LOVES cats and she had never had a cat before. She was worried because he was "biting" (aka: "playing"). She looked tense and asked questions about shedding. (Those kind of questions are red flags in my book) I told her to relax and E-N-J-O-Y him! I took them into my kitchen and showed them 3 of my cats sprawled out on the kitchen counter napping. I gestured dramatically, "I think people worry too much about cats on the kitchen counters and forget to have fun with them. " I told her that Dylan's the only cat they're going to have, so they might as well spoil him rotten. She blushed when I told her that Dylan would probably still be around when their future children are in high school. That seemed to seal the deal - they took Dylan home for a 7 day Trial Adoption. I put a Cat Hair Roller for their clothes in a little bag and gave it to them as a send off. The e-mails are coming in with cute pictures of Dylan sleeping on their pillow (none on the kitchen counters yet) and I'm guessing that Dylan's in his forever home.

My sons are getting WAY too attached to Andy & Buster (my other foster cats). I guess I am too. Lordie, they're a cute little pair - Rowdy as hell, but a cute little pair. :) The screens on my windows are starting to shred, and Buster likes to take flying leaps onto my back. He's quite a character!

We moved my older son into his house near the University on Saturday and I asked him to foster a cat for me. He admitted that it would be fun, but he has FOUR roommates and couldn't guarantee that doors wouldn't be left open, etc....he's right, of course. But I had hope of him taking a real problem child foster cat. This cat would be PERFECT in a rowdy house full of guys. Hell, the cat could probably poop all over the place and nobody would see it until they moved out in April. (Mental Note: NEVER rent to 2nd year University Students)

I can feel a good week coming on. Even if it's not a good week, I'm ready to take it on anyway.

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