Friday, November 30, 2012

The First Snow of the Season

The weather forecasters said we would just have a dusting of snow today.  I don't mind driving in the snow.  For a California girl like me, I find it a bit of an adrenalin rush to drive in my SUV down the highway with white powder gently blowing across the highway.

The forecasters were wrong.

David and I were almost to the shelter for a rescue when the red light on the dash indicated  a flat tire.  We were able to pull into a car repair place and  were practically high-fiving each other that this happened BEFORE we did the rescue and didn't have 10 cats in the car.  The repair of our tire took two hours and the snow was already falling by the time we left the car repair location.

We loaded up a Mom cat and kittens, along with 4 more cats and headed out in Friday rush hour traffic with the first snow  of the season barreling down.  What would usually be a 40 minute drive took us THREE hours.  My bladder was about to burst by the time we arrived at the foster Mom's house.  I think my car door was open as David drove into the driveway.  Damn my menopausal bladder!

When we arrived home, my 21 year old son had  shoveled the driveway and put a  fire in the fireplace. Pizza was ordered and 3 kittens are safely playing in my spare room as they wait to go into Petsmart tomorrow.

It's hard to believe that we  managed  all that driving without ONE poop in the carrier accident!  (Although admittedly, I almost didn't make it to the foster parent's house! LOL)    I wonder if David will be as enthusiastic to come with me for the next rescue?   A Flat tire?  Snow? Three Hours? 

I need to be at Petsmart tomorrow morning by 9 am.  Santa Pictures and putting cats into the adoption centre will prove to be an exhausting day.  At least Petsmart has a washroom. 


Marg said...

Yikes, those kittens and cats should be glad you got there all in the same day. Bet you slept all right that night. Take care.

Caroline said...

Good for you and David still rescuing those kittens after all that. I got a flat tire on the way to a foster vet neuter once, Luckily I was able to just pull into the vet before the car went kaputs! Your son will make an excellent husband!