Thursday, November 15, 2012

Need More Hours in a Day, Please

This has been a week of not having enough time for anything.  I feel like I've been on the clock for 16 hour days.  Every voicemail has made reference to leaving multiple messages for me and wondering when I'm going to call them back.

One voicemail came in at 10:18 a.m. this morning.  The next voicemail (from the same person) came in at 12:10 wondering why I haven't called.  Gratefully, one of our volunteers returned a bunch of calls for me yesterday as I was starting to get behind!

I've been rescuing quite a bit lately.  I was at the shelter this morning and pulled 3 really sweet kittens for foster parents asking for them.  Since his retirement, David has wanted to come with me on these ventures.  It wasn't until we got home today that he said in an exasperated voice, "We've been on the road for FOUR and A HALF hours!!!"

Duh.  Does he think these kittens catch a cab and deliver themselves to foster homes and vet appointments?  

The inside of my car looks a garbage bin.  There's spilled coffee on the console and A&W paper cups in the cup holders, and Mapquest directions on the floor.  It was a  really long day today and hasn't ended yet.  As I type this, I'm waiting for a call back from a worried foster parent. 

I think I'm going to leave David home tomorrow.  He's been a trooper and gets "The Good Husband" award for hanging out with me and the cats all week.   I'm going back to the shelter in the morning.   Since David's retirement, I've missed my shopping detours between rescuing cats.   I  feel like I need a little dose  of sanity and Home Sense is calling my name. 


Fuzzy Tales said...

Beth, I wanted to thank you for rescuing that senior kitty in Hamilton the other day. Saw the video on Sparkle's blog, that with your help, the woman who now has him (Nicole?), the others who were involved.

I burst into tears watching that video, because he really did seem to have given up, be so depressed. I'm so glad he's out of the cage and has another chance.

*Thank you*

P.S. I hope you are able to have a great "therapy" session at HomeSense!

Random Felines said...

shopping therapy withOUT the husband. It is funny (and not to insult David) that those that aren't involved in the day to day rescue parts don't get it until they go along on a ride.... and then they REALLY think we are nuts :)

Anonymous said...

Be careful you don't burn yourself out! I know you're a stubborn woman who thinks she can take on whatever is out there to throw at you and over the years you sure have proven that you can! But after awhile with too much coming at you at once it can get too much - even for a superwoman! LOL take care my friend! ........christine

Caroline said...

I'm thinking of the kittens piling into a cab, arriving at your door and standing on top of each other to reach and ring the doorbell. "We're Here!" lol

Kudos to David!

Anonymous said...