Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Humbug in the "Bah"

I haven't felt much like posting in this blog lately.  It feels like over the past week or so everything I've been doing for the rescue has been incredibly boring or terribly sad.

One of our foster parents was babysitting 3 kittens for a week while another foster parent went on vacation.  She called the the other day and had some concerns about one of them with a "Fat belly and a very thin and boney back".  My heart sank.   We had seen so much FIP lately that I knew it could only be that.  The vet took an x-ray, confirmed the kitten's belly was full of fluid and was he was lovingly euthanized shortly after that. 

I feel awful for BOTH foster parents.  Terrible for the foster Mom who was doing something nice like a 7 day fostering gig and awful for the foster Mom who will return to find her foster kitten gone. 


Last night I did an adoption (I was the meeting spot for foster parent and adopter) at my house.  It was fun to sit by the fire and chat about kittens.  The adopter brought "Jordan" a kitten she had adopted a week ago from us.  Jordan was NOT impressed with Maggie (our 14 year old dog) and promptly bit my finger as I tried to pick him up. 

I've only been doing this for 20 years....you'd think I'd remember that picking up an arched-back-spitting kitten is a bad idea.  It was a knee-jerk reaction.  ugh.   Hopefully, I won't need antibiotics.  I've kept the wound clean.  All part of cat rescue, right?

I declared that today would be a huge catching up day.  I had a bunch of pictures to put on our website, emails to answer and a foster list that needed some care.  People forget that even though a cat is in our program, I still have to look after the little guy to insure he/she is fixed at an appropriate time and touch base with the often-neglected foster parents. 

Waking up at 9:30 this morning was NOT a good start to my ambitious plans.  Why on earth am I sleeping in so late?  I've always been an early riser, so I feel like 9:30 is the middle of the afternoon.  I came running downstairs like there was a fire, only to find David sipping coffee in front of a roaring fire, and reading the newspaper.  He  smiled  cheerfully and said he fed the cats and thought I might enjoy sleeping in for a change. 

I mumbled something about needing to get shit stuff done today. 

Wow.  I can be such a jerk. 

Now that I'm fairly caught up - except for the rescue's bookkeeping, I think I have some making up to do at home.  Dinner and a movie tonight - senior citizen's special, perhaps!  *Wink*


Random Felines said...

sleeping in - I think it is the time change.....ugh

I feel you pain and the kitts offer up some purrs to both foster families.

As for the bite, yep, been there done that....and will probably do it again sometime. MOL

Caroline said...

Wow 9:30 would be early rising for me on a weekend! Glad you're blogging it lightens my day. Wow a fireplace going in the morning, how cozy!