Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Finding Some Energy

I still have so much to do today but desperately need a day off.  I don't think I've ever worked so hard as I did at our last adoption event.  I think I was there twice a day, every day - only coming home to feed my own pets.

There was no "easy adoption" last weekend.  Every adoption needed more than the usual careful thought or had a special circumstance, situation or an adopter that didn't feel quite right for the cat they wanted to adopt. 

We had 18 adoptions.  I was on the phone the next day calling all  of them to insure that everything was ok.  Maybe I was just tired.  I always  worry more when I'm tired.  

Gratefully, David was in Montreal for the weekend for a geek-fest Bridge Tournament.  This allowed me some guilt-free time to spend at the adoption event.  He proudly came home with a trophy, but I was  too tired to give it any big fanfare. 

The staff at Petsmart reminded me that we have Santa Pictures coming up in a few weeks at their store.  It's a big fundraiser and I wanted to cry when I  heard that another weekend could be spent at the store.  I think I may have to pass on this one and leave it to our dedicated volunteers.  We desperately need the money so I'm not comfortable passing it up. 

We need a Santa.  Anybody?  Bueller?

I think it's time to take the day for myself.  I've been living on Halloween candy and coffee for almost a week now.  I've  hit the ground running since I returned from my daughter's wedding.  My roots are dark and my nails need a manicure.  We have two new foster parents that need phone calls and I'm anxious to do another rescue to fill in the spaces for cats recently adopted. 

Next week.  For SURE next week I'm going to take a day for myself!  :)


Random Felines said...

burn out doesn't help anyone so be sure to take a moment to breathe. and then remember all the lives saved.... ;)

~*Connie*~ said...

Don't forget if you burn the candle at both ends, it will soon be burnt out.. You do not have to, nor should you even begin to expect, you should do it all.

take the day sooner rather than later.