Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Race

Gratefully, adoptions have really picked up.  We had 6 adoptions yesterday and I'm feeling much better about finishing the month of June with the usual adoptions numbers.  I wish I didn't feel so competitive about it.  There is no race.   But it feels like a measurement of the health of the rescue in general.  Silly. 

I picked up a delightful young woman who lives near me (and doesn't drive) and took her the 30 minute drive to Petsmart to adopt a kitten.  She was determined to adopt a male orange kitten, but ended up falling in love with this little girl:
How could anyone NOT fall in love with this kitten?  She was just too cute for words - both of them!

In one week from today, we'll officially own two houses as our current home hasn't sold.  I'm definitely feeling the financial pinch and David made a very uncharacteristic comment about the cost of a new sofa I want to buy for the new house.  Sadly, he's probably right - spending a bunch of money on a couch that will be shredded by unruly cats seems like a poor choice.  Maybe buying an Ikea couch and replacing it every two years makes more sense.  Our furniture has definitely taken a big hit by spoiled felines since we've had to remove 2 of the favourite scratching posts becaue the frickin' house has to look sterile and un-petlike.


It's no wonder I feel like I'm in the midst of a race:

#1  Race to sell our house

#2 Race to keep our furniture looking nice before we have to replace it all due to bad kitties!

#3 Race to get adoptions before we're out of Petsmart for June and before we run out of foster space.

Let's not forget the most important race of all:

#4  Race to rescue as many deserving souls before they are euthanized in the shelters; hit by cars; eaten by raccoons or coyotes; or die of starvation. 

I'm lacing up my running shoes....ready....set....GO!



Wednesday said...

Well, I guess the silver lining is that once you move into the new house, if the old one hasn't sold yet at least you won't have to de-cat it for every showing! And that kitten is so cute she made my head explode!

hmacross said...

My daughter (then 11) was determined to adopt an orange kitten, preferably female. We searched and searched and finally found one. We went to the foster home and it just wasn't the right kitten for her. We went to the rescue 'headquarters' to look at other orange kittens. However, my daughter fell in love with a little black girl and that's the one we brought home.

Sometimes, the cats pick you :)

Sparkle said...

The couch thing: ours is a pretty vintage-looking sofa made of microfiber and we kitties don't scratch it up - it really isn't a great surface for claw work. We DO fur it up pretty nicely, though.

When my human sold her house in 2006, she and her realtor went in on a stager to create a decent looking living room (her furniture, uh, sucked). The sofa was leather (or maybe leather look) and luckily my human made them swear she was not responsible for any damage because that thing wound up covered in scratches from us jumping all over it. On top of that, the furniture stayed in the house two months and when we all moved to the new place we sent the staged furniture back - the house did not sell until after it was completely empty. So go figure.

JLi said...

That little munchkin is DARLING!!! I just want to squeeze her and kiss her all over...which she would probably!

Caroline said...

Maybe mess the house up a little, add some scratching posts and a little cat hair, maybe the buyers want a less sterile look!