Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Exercising Patience

I've been at a loss lately on what to blog about.  Adoptions are paralyzingly slow and phone calls with people wanting to dump their cats is at a high.  It's June.  Suddenly EVERYBODY has an allergy. 

When adoptions are slow, so are rescues.  The online classified sites are FILLED with free kittens.  I received an adoption call today from a young woman of 19 years old who thought a $175.00 adoption fee was a BARGAIN considering what spays and neuters costs.   Can I have about 100 more adopters like this, please?   I'm always wary about young people, but how unusual to find a 19 year old that understands the bargain of an all inclusive adoption fee? 

I was at the shelter today and picked up 2 adorable kittens.  I hate leaving the adults behind but there was no space for the adults at this point.  We have a neat relationship started with a local veterinarian who will take 6 healthy kittens at a time and put them up for adoption at their office!  They are not the rescue's kittens and we do not collect an adoption fee.  I'm just a "picker" for the vet office.  LOL!   I used up $25.00 worth of gas today, so that the two kittens that I rescued could go to this veterinarian's office for adoption and be given away to their worthy clients.  At least I know that these are adopters who have a relationship with their vet and the kittens will have lovely homes! 

My house still hasn't sold.  It looks like in three short weeks we'll own two houses.  Yuck.  The house was shown today by a man who "loved it", but needs 2 weeks to think about it.  Holy shit....2 weeks to "think about it"????   What man shops like that????? 

If "Patience is a Virtue", I'm probably the least likely to have any virtue at all.  I certainly try to have patience in all that I do, but the past 13 days have been incredibly slow personally and with the rescue.  I know I should be careful for what I ask for.....but I'm ready for some action! 


Caroline said...

I think that you should ask the vet to pay for your gas or at least put the amount towards neutering your rescues. I would like a blog about your cats, names, ages, personalities, how you got them.
Maybe reduce the house price in order to sell faster and thus not have 2 mortgages. Also possibly move the animals or some of them into the new house when you get possession in an attempt to sell the old one animal free.

Random Felines said...

yep - people are dumb most of the time. love that a 19 yr old gets it though. mom was talking to some people on Sunday at an adoption event and got the "but we can get a free kitten" line....and then she laid out the cost of their "free" kitten....