Monday, June 25, 2012

Catching Up

The cooler weather today certainly brought out my better attitude.  I had the moon roof open on the car, the windows open in the house, the birds were chirping, the sky was blue and I feel like my stomach was just a *little bit* flatter than it was yesterday.         

I spent the morning picking up adoption money and putting new cats into Petsmart.  We only have six days left there and I'm feeling the pinch of the slower adoptions over the past 3 weeks.  I'm hopeful that a "Huge Adoption Event" this weekend might be just the ticket.  I spent $100+ on advertising the event then realized that we have a holiday weekend this weekend.  UGH.  Let's hope that other people (other than me, that is) have no life and are home shopping for cats this weekend. 

Several of our foster parents have been dealing with a virus from the "high kill shelter".  Sadly, they are our nursing Moms and things are very precarious for the little ones that are nursing.  I wish this shelter could AT LEAST resolve the issue of sick cats.  They keep buying new cleaning crap, but it never seems to help. 

I've watched the "Crazy Protesters" Facebook page with sadness as their overall agenda for this "high kill" shelter seems to have moved towards nothing but listing other people's cats that need help - somebody even posted a DOG from Toronto that needed help.  There's just a bunch of online classified ads that they've copied and a some "tsk, tsking".  I don't know if they've given up or what.   I feel badly about this, because they've definitely started to take a more sane, sensible approach to approach to trying to change what needs to be changed in this archaic-poor-excuse-for-a-shelter.   They've turned their attention towards THE CITY instead of the staff.  (Smart move and a long time coming)  It's tough to be rejected over and over again by a city who doesn't give a shit about the animals in their "care". 

In the meantime, cats continue to die there and our adoptions have been too slow to really do much to help them.  We had a good adoption weekend, but it wasn't enough to make up for lost time over the past 3 weeks. 

Didn't I start this blog post in a GOOD mood?  :)



Anonymous said...

So how many babies did she have? Is Monica one of the Moms with sick kitties? What day were they born? Did you notice Random Felines is auctioning off naming rights to a litter as a fund raiser? Thanks for the pic :)

Harpurr's Mom

Anonymous said...

Hello! I recently was searching pet finder for adoptable cats and came across information regarding the animal services shelter in Hamilton. Are the cats there available for adoption? As there were one or two I was interested in on the website but the email address contact for the shelter did not respond.

Random Felines said...

It can be so hard. After losing an entire litter and mom this spring and having another litter break with calici, the staff asked if I needed a break. Not really - besides, we are short foster homes. I wish those people who expend so much energy on "talking" about the bad things would shut up and DO SOMETHING. Which you are - so keep up the great work!!

Eva said...

The "Crazy Protesters" have not given up. Just taking a small sanity break - much needed when slamming one's head against a brick wall. We have a number of people out getting petition signatures, letters are still being written to Mayor and Councilors and we continue to recruit new supporters to our cause. Like you, we are all feeling a bit discouraged at this time of year, when the rescues are full and the killing reaches it's peak. We will continue the fight as long as it takes