Thursday, June 21, 2012

A "Pillsbury Bake-Off"

The heat in the Toronto area the past few days has been really unbearable for this estrogen-lacking gal.  In fact, Toronto was the hottest place in the WORLD yesterday!  I sit here and wonder if the cats and dogs at Animal Services ever got their promised central air conditioning.  I suppose I could show up and find out, but I think I might be too pissed off to find that during this extreme heat nothing has been done for these poor captive souls in metal "baking" boxes... 

...Yet Animal Services still promotes "don't leave your pet in your car".   (Other local Animal Service agencies have air conditioning for the animals in their care. )

Bah.  This weather has made me feel very restless.  When David comes home from work, we eat and I want OUT of the house.  I've been getting a lot of administrative work done for the rescue and have been available to answer adoption calls quickly.  Otherwise - being at home has me pacing around. 

I think about the dogs chained to poles in the backyard with little to no shade,  no water, and no company.  I fret about the cats that are in search of cool drinking water too.  Why is it that I can't accept ANY kind of major weather without fretting about the animals who are not as fortunate as my own?

 I watched my own cats lounging on the beds today with a fan blowing on them because I thought the central air conditioning wasn't enough.  They all looked like Scarlett O'Hara with a slave girl fanning them with a palm frond.

It's almost time to start dinner, then eat and  find something else to do other than sit around the house.  Last night it was Chapters Book Store.  Tonight, maybe it'll be Ikea and buy some kind of stupid cat thing that I'll have to hide when we show the house. 

Do they sell palm fronds at Ikea?


Wednesday said...

I live in PA. Summers aren't particularly long (maybe 3 1/2 months), but they are quite hot and humid. I just spent $3,000 to have central air installed so my cat would be comfortable during the day and my poor goldfish won't overheat in their aquarium. Yes, I am crazy, but I love my pets.

Anonymous said...

Ikea has since discontinued there pet line of products :o(

Anonymous said...

But I think they still sell the palm fronds!