Monday, June 18, 2012

Foiled By Technology

Being a primarily "internet" related rescue, I really am panicked when the internet goes down.  This morning I received a notice on the browser directly from the provider that indicated we had some kind of "worm" that was sending out packets of email from one of my computers.  So they shut me down. 

No email.  No website.  NO FACEBOOK for about 30 minutes today.  I thought I would faint. :)   I've got my virus software scanning the begeezus out of my computer with hope that we can find out what's going on.  If it continues, they'll shut me down again.  *ACK*!

We had lots of nice adoptions over the weekend - including adults!  Oh how I LOVE adult cat adoptions.  I woke up Saturday morning to 5 different requests to move cats into different foster homes and one adult cat return.  Things will get ugly very quickly if I can't log into my computer.  I figured I might as well write in my blog while the virus software does it's thing.

We had one foster Mom go out to the "high kill" shelter this weekend and rescued an adorable little family that obviously needed help:
Of course she couldn't leave this little guy who was all by himself in a cage:

Looks like the "high kill shelter" is now part of and are at least trying to do a better job reuniting the pets with their owners.  The shelter is only required to keep the stray cats 3 days, so pet owners better check out that website fast before the city kills them due to overcrowding. 

I think the shelter made a huge mistake and has stopped naming the cats on their Petfinder website.  Poor cats just have numbers now.  Anonymous, unwanted and numbered.  I'm appalled.  At least they could have a fucking name before they're killed.  Maybe it's easier to kill them if it's just a number.  People LIKE to see the names!  I'm betting the number rescued has gone down too.  

Lots to do today and thankfully it's all inside.  It's going to be HOT this week and I'm truly grateful to have an inside sort of job. :) 

Come on virus software - do your thing!!!! 


Random Felines said...

It is sad to see groups that post cats (or any animal) without a name. Of course, the first litter of kittens I picked up from another foster who had them for 2 weeks. I asked their names and she shrugged and said they didn't have any. WHAT?? How can you have foster kittens and not name them? I don't get it....

Good for the save. I love adult adoptions too - we had a great one on Saturday - required some weird running around on my part, but so well worth it. :)

Wednesday said...

I'm sorry to hear about your technology woes, I hope you get the resolved ASAP.

Also, I couldn't agree with you more about naming the cats. I think when rescues/shelters have a great photo, cute name and a little description of an adoptable pet, it can make a huge difference in adoption success. I hope they see the error in their ways. Giving them numbers like inmates makes it seem like they do not care, and I think that is contagious to the public.

Caroline said...

They definitely need names not numbers! We already know the sad stats! Kudos to the foster mom who rescued all the kids and the single Mum!

Piggles said...

It can't be said for certain that it is due to partnering with HAC, but the HeLP (Helping Lost Pets) website logged FOURTEEN Hamilton area cats reunited with their families over the last 2 weeks.

I urge everyone to go to the site ( and register their pets. You can create a profile, upload a photo, all for free. Then, if the unthinkable happens and your pet should go missing, you can send a Lost notification to literally hundreds of local pet lovers just by changing your pet's status from Safe to Missing. Couple of key strokes, and you're out the door and searching for your pet, secure in the knowledge that lots of other people are also looking out for him. You can create Missing posters, get search tips, even get alerts and updates to your Android phone. And it's FREE!!

Do it now!