Monday, March 05, 2012

Yoga Pants and Mondays

I can always tell when Monday is going to be really busy when I arrive at the grocery store to do my weekly grocery shopping before 9 am or after 9 pm.  Today...I was there at 8:30 am with the young moms in their yoga pants, expensive sneakers and pony tails swinging. I practically ran them over with my cart as I barreled through the produce section, my face glistening with menopause.  When did I stop being a "young mom in yoga pants?" 

Anyhooo....I ended up driving out to a foster Mom's to pick up 5 kittens to place them in our Petsmart store.  There's always people buying pet food with stories of their own pets and I always listen.  Fortunately, the Yoga-pants gang were already out of Petsmart by the time that I arrived (toddlers need naps) and I seem to relate more to the "senior-set" who have stories to tell.  It takes me a little longer to check in the cats, but it's nice to be able to chat with people.  Besides, you never know who has a million dollars to donate, right? (*lol*)

The older cats at the store were desperate for some attention, so I diligently took each one out to give kisses and love.  We have one cat at the store named "Colbert" that I'm totally in love with!  This cat is THE SWEETEST boy and I'm so glad somebody else is fostering him.  I wouldn't let him go.  I just know it.

I feel so much better that the cats don't have to stay there until adoption.  It satisfies my guilty feelings knowing that they get to go back to a loving foster home who is waiting for them after about a week.  I feel sorry for some cats from other groups that are left there for the entire month.  But sometimes that can't be helped. 

I'm ready for another rescue tomorrow, I think.  We had a bunch of adoptions over the weekend but unfortunately, that didn't open up much foster space.  We have several foster parents on vacations, some are babysitting other cats for a few weeks, and others had some personal health issues.  My foster list is looking a little bit grim, so need to take an accounting of what I can actually do.  Some days, I envy the rescues that just "rescue cats and figure it out later".  I think that would keep me up at night.  But I envy the notion just the same.

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Anonymous said...


Colbert was super hard to let stay at the store... He is breaking my heart. He was my baby here and whomever adopts him is so lucky! I would but that would lead to divorce.......
Xo Colberts Foster Home