Saturday, March 03, 2012

A Saturday at "Cat Central"

I so rarely write in my blog on a Saturday, but we had a death in the family a few days ago and I feel so behind on everything and off my usual routine.  Fortunately, we have such a strong volunteer base, that I didn't really feel like anyone was short-changed :)

A wonderful couple came to my home today to adopt my black kitten,  Eddie Van Halen. Naming that kitten Eddie Van Halen was brilliant - I've had so many adoption calls on this guy! This amazing couple not only left with my Eddie, but also fell in love with my Lucas too! They took both my foster cats and I couldn't be happier.  Heck, if I pushed it maybe they would've adopted "The Sherminator" too!  Hahaha! 

My cats were acting like such jerks when these people were here.  They knocked over the vase with my birthday flowers in them, spilling water everywhere.  Willy (my DLH black guy) was biting, the dog was farting, Sherman was in the kitchen sink knocking over water glasses...seriously, I think these people thought they were saving my two foster cats from ME! 

The phones have been ringing today from Petsmart and after putting in 11 cats a few days ago, only 2 are left for adoption.  Looks like I'd better get busy...

I received an adoption call today from a woman who sounded VERY desperate to adopt a kitten.  Her voicemail was short and manic.  (Red flag!)  By the time I got her on the phone, she was practically breathless as she wanted to adopt a kitten for her son.  "How old is your son?", I politely asked.   

"He's turning 1 year old today and I want a kitten today!" 

Yeah.  She didn't get approved.  Strange how I've turned down five adopters this week.  I really try hard to make an adoption work with the appropriate cat with the appropriate home.  But some of these folks don't quite understand the commitment.  One lady told me that she would definitely declaw a cat "because her furniture is far more important than some cat."  Holy crap....I sent out a "Do Not Adopt" to several other local groups, because she indicated that she'd lie about it to the next group she calls.  It wasn't so much the declawing part that bugged me, but it was the fact that she admitted her furniture got priority over the cat AND she sounded so completely b*tchy. 

So here I am...Saturday afternoon, answering the cat phone adoption line.  No wonder David calls my office "Cat Central". 


Sparkle said...

Thank you for sending out a "Do Not Adopt" warning on that horrible woman! I am not even sure why humans like that want cats in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about a death in your family Beth and here I was thinking that you hadn't blogged because David took you on a romantic surprise get-a-way for your birthday.
Boy did I get that wrong.

Caroline said...

I think Shermin and the others were plotting so your fosters wouldn't get adopted, it didn't work but ya have to give them points for trying! lol

(Shermin to his Minions: "ok guys, I'll create a commotion in the kitchen, DLHBG you can bite them and someone needs to knock over flowers and Goggie you can fart, that will definitely get them out in a hurry!")

Josie said...

I'm very sorry about the loss that your family had. ((hugs))

What a great idea about the "Do Not Adopt" warning! I am going to make a mental note of that and pass it on to our volunteers. I'm going to assume they've done something like that before-but if not...great idea.

Christmas was like that (for me) in terms of people calling a couple days before wanting a kitten for their grandkid/kid...ugh.