Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Moments of Insanity

Did I really forget to write yesterday?  I usually look forward to writing in my blog on Mondays - especially after a busy weekend.

The past few days have been filled with disturbing phone calls.  I've had two different calls from people wanting to "surrender" their 15 and 16 year old cats.  Totally different families - same stupid  situation.  In fact, I was just browsing through Craigslist and saw somebody trying to "rehome" an 18 year old cat.  This kind of shit breaks my heart.

It's like moments of insanity for 3 days!  This morning a foster parent forwarded me a Kijiji Online Classified ad and it turns out to be one of our cats that was recently adopted!  The woman was giving him away because he didn't like the resident cat.  (or vice versa)  She never called the rescue or anything.  Just put up the ad and could go to whomever called. 

Dealing with this has been stressful and still not resolved. 

I've been having some moments of insanity too as I'm facing selling the house after being here only 3 years.  The location and size of the house isn't working for us any longer.  I think we're making an offer on another (bigger) house tonight.  Exciting stuff - but I'm not really looking forward to making another change so fast. 

We rescued a bunch of cats yesterday from the shelter and one was immediately adopted.  It's really been a lovely month rescues and adoptions. 

I'm pooped....more rescues tomorrow...will update then. 


Random Felines said...

ugh - not a good start. I HATE it when people won't call the rescue when they can't keep an animal. happy for the rescues (and adoption) good luck with the house!

Caroline said...

Wow, it seems to be a bad month for us animal lovers, this past week all I can think of is the suffering. I know of other rescues that have found their cats on Craigslist and Kijiji, I think some ppl are too embarassed to admit they weren't ready or that they have a problem. I hope you get your cat back. Wow moving that soon is a pain, but the good news is that your house always looks lovely even with all the furkids, I still smile when I remember your tails of having to move all the animals to the car while a real estate agent showed your home.

Anonymous said...

Your friend at Dog Rescuer's Life did a rant on the same issue - adopters re homing their pets. And she does follow ups so it not like they don't know they will be accountable.

Too bad about the move. Especially as you outlasted the nasty neigbours. The good news is with so short a stay you will not have accumulated to much extra stuff. :)